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Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope



FGCU "Wings of Hope" Program Awards

  • Ricky Pires honored by the Florida Panthers Hockey team during Conservation Night - 2016 

Ricky Pires and Jeb Bush


Former Awards


  • FGCU Alumna of Distinction 2010-- Ricky Pires, Director and Creator of the "Wings of Hope" Environmental Education Program
  • SWFCEE (Southwest Florida Council for Environmental Education) 2002 Hammy Award for the “Florida Panther Posse” and the “Wings of Hope” program as the most outstanding environmental program for the year.
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Award since 2000 for the “Florida Panther Posse” program.
  • Disney’s Conservation Challenge (2003) First place award in Southwest Florida for “Florida Panther Posse” program.
  • Recognized and awarded by the Lee County Commissioners; Florida Senator Burt Saunders; and Governor Jeb Bush.
  • “Wings of Hope” program was a partnership with a special event and appearance by Dr. Jane Goodall for a “Reason for Hope” Celebration (2001).
  • Melanie the Manatee Award for innovative water resource educational programs, recognized by South Florida Management District/Big Cypress Basin.
  • Florida Wildlife Federation Conservation Educator of the Year 2006 – Awarded to Director Ricky Pires
  • U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Department of the Interior Regional Director's Honor Award presented to Ricky Pires in Recognition of Outstanding Volunteer Service.