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Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope

Living with Wildlife


Rescuing Injured Wildlife
-What to do-

 Injured Panther

BEFORE TAKING ACTION with any wildlife species--- Call Wildlife Hospital          
Hotline (239) 262- CARE (2273) ext 1 for assistance.
Hospital staff will provide advice depending on the animal and situation. Be prepared to take a photo with your phone after you call the clinic, not before.

If on campus, call FGCU Police and notify them of the situation (239) 590-1900

Living with Wildlife on FGCU Campus

 Florida Alligator --Don’t feed them! A fed gator is a dead gator.
? Florida Black Bear-- Don’t feed them by leaving your trash out.
? Snakes—Don’t kill them!


Remember our wonderful campus wildlife needs your help: They’re scared and bears are hungry. Help them by being a responsible and educated person.