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Wings of Hope

Wings of Hope

Panther Posse in Action


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Pennies for Panthers with a

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Save and protect the Florida Panther

Helping save and protect the Florida Panther

Works By Our Fourth & Fifth Grade Posse Students

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CREW PoemsCREW PoemsCREW Poems

                    Pelican Marsh Elementary                                     Penny Royal by: Matthew



                      Pelican Marsh Elementary                                                  Community School Elementary


CREW PoemsCREW PoemsCREW Poems

Pelican Marsh Elementary 



Community School Elementary, Panther Passport Challenges



Community School Elementary, Panther Passport Challenges


CREW Poems                    CREW Poems

     Seagate Elementary                                    Pelican Marsh Elementary


The Florida Panther

F          ound near sabal palms
L         arge territory
O         es not eat people
R         uns like the wind
I           ntelligent animals
D         oes live in the Everglades
A         part of the feline family

P          redators to deer
A         lways leaves a trace
N         ative to florida
T         hey have sharp teeth
H         unts everyday
E         ndangered species
R         oams free                                           

By Mikayla

 What is a Florida Panther?

An endangered, meat lovin’ animal
a home to them is the everglades which is slowly disappearing
territorial animal that needs approximately 200 square miles
blue eyed kittens, adorable, and colorful
big time predator
needs out concern to survive

                      That is the Florida Panther!                       

By Claire

                                     Lives in Florida 
                                                  Livesin Everglades 
                                                  Only about 100 left
                                                pRotected by Panther Posse 
                                                   In trouble
                                            FloriDa’s Pride
                                                  An endangered  species

                                                aPredator to other animal
                                             WeArs collars to track down
                                                  Native to Florida
                                        Large Territory
                                            not Hunted anymore
                                        eats mEat
                                                   Runs fast
                                                   Save the Florida Panther            

By Lucca

Fill the Everglades.
Leaving so fast I don’t think they’ll last.
Only a hundred left in the world.
Mrs. Ricky’s Wings of Hope will help the Florida panther.
Intelligent is what they are, climbing is what they do.
Dangerous, superfast, a climbing machine.
Anyone who’d dare to hunt them will face the consequences.

Panthers scar bark.
Always marking their territory.
Natural habitat is the Everglades.
They’re losing their habitat.
Hunt prey often.
Endangered species that we need to help.
Ready to bite.
Home is Southwest Florida.                                 

By Kaitlyn

 “Tales by Emile, Alden, and Grace” 

  • Panthers are dying out as fast as germs fall off when you put germ-x on.
  • Don’t start fires in the woods.
  • Do collect trash from the woods like an anteater would at an ant buffet.
  • Insects hide in boots. No, No, No not cowboy boots! Boots in the cabbage palm.
  • Do you realize how important protecting our awesome wildlife is? So zoom out there like a panther and save our wildlife.
  • Water is what gives he world energy! It grows plants for oxygen, keeps animals alive to continue their all important food chain.         Alden
  • Humans need places to live, work, and play. But we also need to preserve land. By keeping some lands undeveloped, we help plants, animals and ourselves. Keeping a part of our surroundings undeveloped will help many living things, including man, survive for years to come.  Grace