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Continuining Education

Continuining Education

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Office of Continuing Education & Off-Campus Programs
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Medical Billing and Coding Course


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Medical Coding Course

Dates: Start Now/Start Anytime

In the United State Health Care System, proper medical care and outcomes are integral to the success of patient treatment goals. As the population begins to rise and services are needed at a higher demand costs begin to rise as well. Patients in the United States carry public, private, or combination types of health care insurance plans. Medical centers must fill out claim forms that require individuals to identify the proper disease state and medical condition for reimbursement. As a medical coder patient coding with proper procedure and protocol is integral to financial success.

Classes are all done online, in which video lectures and PowerPoint materials are reviewed at home, while chat time is reserved for discussion, workshops, and collaborative activities.

**Textbooks are an additional cost to students.

Areas of study include:

  • Health care delivery system and health occupations
  • Anatomy and physiology of the human body
  • Application of medical terminology
  • Disease processes in relation to the human body, including pharmacology
  • ICD and CPT coding systems, both manual and automated
  • Medical coding referencing
  • Basics of health information services
  • Ethical and legal principles with regard to medical records
  • Computer skills
  • Safety and security of health information
  • 3M™ Coding and Reimbursement System

Course Outcomes

  • The duration of the course is six months and includes preparation for 3 national certification exams administered by the AAPC and AHIMA boards.
  • Students view all video lectures and notes online;
  • Students will be assigned a time by the instructor to take online Quizzes, a Midterm Exam, and a Final Exam;
  • Students will have the option to participate in an online Q&A chat session one time per week with MK Education Instructor.

As part of the Medical Coding program, you'll learn the importance and fundamentals of proper coding to execute financial goals of major medical practices. You will also be introduced to the profession of medical coding in the physician and hospital environment. This skill set helps better prepare students for a variety of jobs in the field, offering graduates a competitive advantage.

Required Course Materials

The coding books are updated yearly to reflect the latest codes. Students should purchase books in the year in which they plan to take the test. 

Students who enroll in a class January through June: Order books for that year; you must take and pass the exam by December 31 of that year. 

Students who enroll in a class July through December: It is unlikely that you will be able to finish the course and take the exam by December 31st. New coding books are released in October through December. It is best to wait to purchase books until the following year’s books are released so that you have the correct version for your exam. If you want to get started in your class, you can obtain access to an e-book while waiting for the latest books to be released by emailing You may also try to borrow books from the library. You CAN complete the course with an old version of the book, but you CANNOT use an old book on the exam. Online, open-enrollment students can contact if you would like an extension on the course due to a delay in coding book release dates.

Books to Purchase: 

  1. (Year of your exam) Step-by-Step Medical Coding by Buck 
  2. (Year of your exam) Workbooks for Step-by-Step Medical Coding by Buck
  3. (Year of your exam) Package: ICD-10 Hospital Professional Edition, HCPCS Professional Edition, and AMA CPT Professional Edition 

Books are available to order at here and can be found by typing the year and book title into the search bar. 

For detailed information, please call 630-541-3600 xt8606 or visit

Course Details:


Delivered Online

Dates:   Start Now/Start Anytime
Online:   Video lectures and notes online; quizzes, midterm and final online; email access to instructors
Cost:   $649





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