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Continuining Education

Continuining Education

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What is Lean/Sigma?



Lean/Sigma is a program of organizational improvement focusing on identifying, reducing, and eventually eliminating wasteful and non-value added activities within an organization as well as reducing defects and variation created by a process.  By applying lean/sigma principles, a county government can provide the most efficient and value added services to it residents.  Lean does not create more work for already over burdened county employees.  It does just the opposite.  By eliminating wasteful practices and removing non-value added activities, lean streamlines work processes so employees actually accomplish more yet work less hard.

For detailed information, please call 941-505-1554.

Lean/sigma is a methodology and philosophy which provides organizations the opportunities to:

  • Identify and reduce waste;
  • Eliminate defects occurring in products and services;
  • Reduce variations in the quality of products and/or services offered;
  • Identify and eliminate bottlenecks in processes;
  • Reduce time spent on non-value added activities; and
  • Reduce the cycle  time of a process  to deliver products or services more quickly to your customers; and
  • Reduce non-value added activities

Benefits from Implementing Lean/Sigma

  • Greatly improved quality in products and services offered;
  • Significantly higher quality and faster processes;
  • Major reductions in defects  occurring in products offered or services provided;
  • Greatly increased customer satisfaction with your products and services;
  • Greater employee satisfaction;
  • Increased revenues;
  • Significantly lowering of costs of operation;
  • Better utilization of the resources of an organization; and
  • Improved financial condition of organization. 

Recent areas in Southwest Florida who have applied Lean/Sigma:

Lee County EMS

  • Improved response times <9 minutes from 77% to 93%
  • Reduced average off-load times from 44 minutes to 13 minutes
  • Reduced employee vacancies from 17% to 2%
  • Increased revenues from insurance and Medicare/Medicaid sources by $1.5 million
  • Initiated BLS transport capability for inter-facility transfers and increased revenues by over $100,000
  • Improved FTO training process reducing costs by $36,000 per academy group

City of Punta Gorda

  • Revamped fleet department with savings ~ $70,000
  • Reduction in false alarms
  • Implemented p-Card program- additional revenues ~ $65,000
  • Audit of solid waste services provided to commercial accounts ~$16,000 additional revenue
  • Curtailed EMS BLS responses to non-injury accidents and non-emergent calls from area adult care facilities ~ $17,000 savings
  • Electronic Time and Attendance program—projected to reduce annually over 1600 hours of non-value added activity in payroll preparation

City of North Port

  • Improved utility collection for overdue accounts
  • Reduced amount of time vehicles are in Fleet Department for repairs
  • Improved disposal of evidence seized inventory
  • Improved collection of false alarm billings
  • Improved cycle time of purchase process
  • Reduced amount of unaccounted for water
  • Improved EMS Patient Care Report process to improve cash flows

Charlotte County Building Services Division—improved permitting process

  • Streamlined the permitting process into a one-stop-shop operation 

“The Lean Sigma training and methodology has helped us identify and correct deficiencies in how we manage our
receivables that have dramatically reduced the number of accounts that become uncollectable and have taken steps
to receive over $60,000 in what was once considered bad debt to be written off. “

Finance Department

SW Florida Government Agency


“Lean Sigma is a very comprehensive, combining process analysis with rigorous data analysis to not only improve
inefficiencies  but to also add quality by reducing variation in results.  I am now much more confident in developing
measurable solutions that can have large financial paybacks to an organization.”

Public Works Administrator

SW Florida Municipality

For more information on FGCU’s Lean/Sigma training program, please call 941-505-0130.