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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Visual Identity Guidelines


The Florida Gulf Coast University identity is more than a logo, a font or a tagline. It is all things FGCU – our tremendous progress over the last 20 years, our commitment to student success, the impact of our athletic teams and cultural resources, and our use of Southwest Florida as a living, learning laboratory. A distinct and memorable brand campaign like The FGCU Effect, along with a clear institutional visual identity, help set us apart from our competition, and paint a vivid, authentic picture of the FGCU experience.

We’ve put together these resources for official University departments and recognized student organizations. These guidelines cover everything from the proper use of the institutional logo to selecting an appropriate photo image from our new digital asset management library to social media tips to help you represent the FGCU identity correctly and integrate The FGCU Effect brand into your materials.

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Who Should Use The Manual

The Visual Identity Guidelines have been prepared to assist staff and faculty of FGCU to promote the identity of the institution. Please review these guidelines carefully before creating any materials using the FGCU identity. Please provide these guidelines to any vendors to ensure that our identity is used properly. Contact FGCU University Marketing and Communications at 239-590-1081 for assistance.


FGCU owns all trademarks, designs, logos, seals, symbols, mascots and slogans associated with or referring to Florida Gulf Coast University. CRM works to protect and control use of these marks as well as the quality and appropriateness of products, promotions and advertising for which the marks are used. Only companies officially licensed by FGCU are permitted to produce items using FGCU trademarks.


  • FGCU logo or seal usage, contact Associate Director of Design for Community Relations and Marketing, Dave Anderson, at (239) 590-7092.
  • Licensing and trademark information, contact the Director of Business Operations, Loren Prive, at (239) 590-1202.
  • Athletics logo usage, contact the Director of Athletic Advancement, Butch Perchan, at (239) 590-7030.