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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Logo Usage


The authority to regulate and control the usage and appearance of FGCU symbols lies solely with the President or his designee. The Assistant Vice President for Community Relations and Marketing is authorized by the President to review and approve all printed communication intended for the public.

FGCU logos, wordmark, seal and athletic logos are registered and protected by law. Departments and outside vendors should contact the Director of University Budgets for trademark information and for licensing details.

Colleges, divisions and departments of FGCU do not need approval to use the FGCU logo for official use.

Corporate units such as direct support organizations and corporate entities affiliated with the University must obtain approval from the President’s designee, the Assistant Vice President for Community Relations and Marketing, prior to using the University’s registered marks.

Individuals and organizations outside the University must first obtain written permission before using any FGCU images.

For specific information about positioning and official university colors, read the Visual Identity Guidelines.


Permission/Usage Contacts:

FGCU logo or seal usage:

  • Contact the Assistant Vice President for Community Relations and Marketing, Deborah Wiltrout, at (239) 590-1089.
  • To request a copy of one of the FGCU logos for authorized use, contact Frances Jones at (239) 590-1081.

Licensing and trademark information:

  • Contact the Director of Business Operations, Loren Prive at (239) 590-1202.

Athletics logo usage:

  • Contact the Director of Corporate Sales & Marketing, Denise DaSilveira, at (239) 590-7060.