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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Performance Newsletter - Volume 2, Issue 8

Awards or Recognitions

Elizabeth Elliott, Ph.D., the staff, families, and children of the Family Resource Center!, College of Education, Family Resource Center, "Best Family Resource Center", Florida Leader Magazine - , April 7.

Kathleen Moye, WGCU-FM, "Edward R. Murrow Regional Award", RTNDA, March 29.

Pamella Seay, JD, College of Professional Studies, Justice Studies, "Re-Appointed to Editorial Board", International Cultural Research Network, Univ. of Alberta, March 1.

Thomas Valesky, Ed.D., Escuela Panamerican, San Salvador, El Salvador, College of Education, Education Studies, "Accreditation Team Member", SACS, April 26.

Grant Awards

Deborah Dahlmanns, B.A., College of Education, Public Schools Enrichment Partnership, $10,000, Greater Cedar Rapids Community Foundation , June 30-July 1.

Professional Presentations

Margaret Banyan, Ph.D., College of Professional Studies, Public Affairs, "Local Governance in Indonesia: Scaling Up Civic Infrastructure", Annual Meeting, American Society for Public Administration, Portland, OR, OR, March 27-31.

Danilo M. Baylen, Ed.D., Dr. Joan Glacken (Health Professions), College of Education, Education Studies, "Using online case studies for professional development of health care practitioners", 5th Annual School Health and Higher Education Symposium, Florida Department of Education, Safety Harbor, Florida, Florida, February 5-6.

Elizabeth Elliott, Ph.D., Elia Vazquez-Montilla, Ph.D., College of Education, Teacher Education, "Integrating Service Learning in Teacher Education", Citizens not Spectators: Fulfilling the Promise of Demoncracy, National Service Learning Conference, Orlando, FL, FL, March 28-31.

Michael Fauerbach, S. Schonberg, M.J. Mon, College of Arts & Sciences, Mathematics and Science, "ACUMEN: Astronomy Classes Unleashed- Meaningful Experiences for Neophytes", 35th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference, LPI, NASA, Houston, Texas, Texas, March 14-18.

Rosalie Miller, Ph.D., OTR, FAOTA, College of Health Professions, Occupational Therapy, "An Innovative Program for Linking Education, Practice and Research", American Society on Aging/ National Council on Aging, ASA/NCOA, San Francisco, California, California, April 14-17.

Craig Rademacher, Ph.D., Anjana Bhatt, Instructional Technology and Broadcast Services De, "Skunk Ape To SQL Server: An Information Literacy Tutorial Redesign", International Conference on College Teaching and Learning, Florida Community College At Jacksonville and The Center For Advancement In Teaching And Learning, Jacksonville,, Florida, Florida, March 29-April 2.

Janusz Zalewski, PhD, A. Kornecki, K. Hall, D. Hearn, H. Lau, College of Business, Computer Information Systems and Decision Sciences, "Evaluation of Software Development Tools for High Assurance Safety Critical Systems", 8th IEEE International Symposium on High Assurance Systems Engineering, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Tampa, Florida, Florida, March 25-26.


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Bill Engel, Ed.D., Diane L. Schmidt, Ed.D., College of Education, Education Studies, "How Big Is a 16-Penny Nail?", Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, Vol. 9 Issue 8, pp. 422-426.

Bill Engel, Ed.D., Diane L. Schmidt, Ed.D., College of Education, Education Studies, "The Galactic Spaceship Tour Challenge", Mathematics Teacher, Vol. 97 Issue 5, pp. 314-319.

carl pacini, Ph.D., J.D., David Marlett, John Griffith, and Robert Hoyt, College of Business, Finance and Accounting, "Terrorism Insurance Coverage: The Market Impact on Insurance and Other Exposed Industries", Journal of Insurance Regulation, Vol. 22 Issue 2, pp. 41-62.

Carl Pacini, Ph.D., J.D., Gregory Gerard and William Hillison, College of Business, Finance and Accounting, "What Your Firm Should Know About Identity Theft", Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance, Vol. 15 Issue 4, pp. 3-11.