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University Marketing and Communications

University Marketing and Communications

Performance Newsletter - Volume 4, Issue 2

Professional Presentations

Danilo M Baylen, EdD, M. Nakayama (Tokyo Inst of Tech), R. Santiago (CSU San Bernardino), College of Education, Undergraduate Studies, "Investigating how selected traits impact online student performance", 2005 AECT International Convention, Association for Educational Communications & Technology, Orlando, FL, FL, October 18-22.

Peter Bergerson, PhD, Dr. Margaret Banyan, College of Professional Studies, Public Affairs, "The President as a Public Policy Change Agent: The Case of Social Security", International Conference for Public Adminstration, American Society for Public Administration and the Chinese Society for Pubalic Administration, Chendgu,, China, October 19-22.

Thomas Bevins, MS, PT, Dr. Peg Gray-Vickrey and Dr. Sharon Bevins, College of Health Professions, Physical Therapy and Human Performance, "Environmental and Sustainability Education in a University Setting: Outcomes Assessment", 3rd World Environmental Education Congress, WEEC International Association, Torino, Italy, October 2-6.

Larry Byrnes, Ph.D, College of Education, Graduate Studies, "Live or Die Together: Education for a Sustainable Future", American Professional Partnership for Lithuanian Education, Ministry of Education, Lithuanian, Vilnius, Lithuania, July 8-16.

Bob Diotalevi, JD, Diane Pevar , Justice Studies, "Marketing Your Program: Uncovering Hidden Treasures", American Association for Paralegal Education , AAfPE, Tampa, FL, FL, October 19-22.

Sara Dustin, M.A., College of Arts & Sciences, Humanities and Arts, "'Her awak’ning voice commands’: British Women Writers Transform the Literary Landscape of the French Revolution", International Conference on Romanticism, Colorado College, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Colorado, October 13-16.

Elizabeth Elliott, Ph.D., Charleen Olliff, Ph.D., College of Education, Undergraduate Studies, "Adapting the Early Literacy & Learning Model (ELLM) for 2s & 3s", 50th Annual Conference , Early Childhood Association of Florida , Orlando, Florida, Florida, September 28-October 1.

Michael Fauerbach, Ph.D., M.J. Mon, M.D., Ph.D. , College of Arts & Sciences, Mathematics and Science, "Bringing Space into Math and Science Classrooms", 117th Annual Meeting of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, Building Community: The emerging E/PO profession, ASP, NASA, Tucson, AZ, AZ, September 13-17.

Elizabeth Murray, RN, PhD, College of Health Professions, Nursing, "What About MY Dignity? Patients' Rights in a Fractured Health Care System", 92nd FNA Biennial Convention, Florida State Nurses Association, Bonita Springs, Florida, Florida, September 14-17.

Thomas J. Roberts, Ed.D., Garrett Sanders, Research and Sponsored Programs, "The State of Education for Research Administrators: The Current Reality and What the Future May Hold", 47th Annual Meeting of the National Council of University Research Administrators, National Council of University Research Administrators, Washington DC, October 30-November 2.

Janusz Zalewski, PhD, David Trawczynski, Janusz Sosnowski, College of Business, Computer Information Systems and Decision Sciences, "Review of Current Routing Protocols in the Context of Bluetooth Scatternet", MIXDES 2005 - Mixed Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - Poland Section, Krakow, Poland, June 22-25.


Michael Fauerbach, Thomas Bennett, College of Arts & Sciences, Mathematics and Science, "Photometric lightcurve observations of 125 Liberatrix, 218 Bianca, 423 Diotima, 702 Alauda, 1963 Bezovec, and (5849) 1990 HF1", Minor Planet Bulletin, quarterly 2005, pp. 80-81.

David Lounsbury, Ph.D., None, College of Professional Studies, Justice Studies, "The Practitioner - International Society of Crime Prevention Practitioners", Public Sector Prevention of Criminal Terrorism, 3rd Quarter 2005, pp. 1.

Charlie Mesloh, Ph.D., Henych, M., Hougland, S., & Thompson, F., College of Professional Studies, Justice Studies, "TASER and Less Lethal Weapons: An Exploratory Analysis of Deployments and Effectiveness", Law Enforcement Executive Forum, Quarterly 2005, pp. 67-79.

Thomas J. Roberts, Ed.D., Research and Sponsored Programs, "Perceptions of Research Administrators on the Value of Certification", Society of Research Administrators International 2005 Symposium Proceedings, Annual 2005, pp. 221-232.