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Coastal Watershed Institute

Coastal Watershed Institute

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Coastal Watershed Institute
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Coastal Watershed Institute
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd S.
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565

Phone: 239-590-7526

Mike Parsons


Previous Research

Research Topics:
Thumbnail image Bioavailability and Sources of Nutrients and the Linkages to Nuisance Red Drift Algae

Eutrophication of estuaries with nutrients from urban and agricultural sources is both a local problem for the Caloosahatchee estuary and for most estuaries worldwide.

Thumbnail image Freshwater Inflow and Estuarine Production in the Caloosahatchee River and Estuary

Increasing human population and accompanying changes in land and water use alter the timing and amount of freshwater delivered to estuaries...

Thumbnail image The influence of freshwater inflow on zooplankton distribution and density in Estero Bay, FL

To investigate the influence of freshwater inflow on zooplankton distribution and density in Estero Bay, 500-micron mesh . . .

Thumbnail image Influence of freshwater inflow on the habitat value of oyster reefs in Southwest Florida estuaries

When assessing oyster-reef habitat in estuaries it is important to understand the influence of salinity on the spatial and temporal ...

Thumbnail image Sea-level rise, oyster reef development, and their effects upon coastal evolution of southwest Florida through the late holocene.

Sea level has been rising globally since the end of the last ice age, 12,000 years before present...

Thumbnail image Aspects of Oyster Ecology and Their Utility in the Design of Estuarine Restoration Projects in the Greater Everglades: Example from Southern Golden Gate Estates

Greater Everglades restoration projects concern both terrestrial and estuarine habitats and focus on entire watersheds. Under guidance from the U.S. Army Corps ...