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Coastal Watershed Institute

Coastal Watershed Institute

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Coastal Watershed Institute
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Coastal Watershed Institute
Florida Gulf Coast University
10501 FGCU Blvd S.
Fort Myers, FL 33965-6565

Phone: 239-590-7526

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Student Interns


CWI Image 1Student interns are essential for the scientific research that is done at FGCU’s Coastal Watershed Institute. Interns gain experience in both laboratory and field work, preparing them for careers in the marine and environmental sciences. Field work entails working in local estuaries collecting specimens, water samples or sediment samples, and deploying or retrieving field equipment. Sites range from the Caloosahatchee River to as far south as Everglades National Park. Laboratory work includes processing and analyzing samples and data collected in the field, as well as the maintenance of field instruments, equipment, and vehicles. Current CWI projects include evaluating oyster health as an indicator of estuarine health, red tide monitoring, oyster reef restoration, and studying the effects of freshwater inflow on the Caloosahatchee River and estuary. The Institute also supports a number of graduate thesis projects.

Most CWI interns are in their junior or senior year of either the Environmental Studies or Marine Science undergraduate programs. Many of our former interns have taken the experience they gained at FGCU and gone on to apply it to jobs with the county, state, or federal government, as well the private sector.

The CWI Marine Lab is located in Whitaker 127 and the CWI office is located upstairs in 231. For information on a CWI internship position, please contact a CWI Lab Manager (Lesli Haynes or Lacey Smith or stop by the CWI office.

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What They Have to SayCWI Internship image 3

Erin Maguire
Major: Marine Science
“I wanted to become part of the marine lab because I wanted to gain experience in scientific research. Also, my major is marine science and the marine lab is directly related to my field. My goal for after graduation is working for NOAA Corps.”

Stephanie Goodwin
Major: Environmental Studies
“What I like best about working for the Coastal Watershed Institute is that there is so much to do and learn. It's a really great opportunity. I'm not too sure what I want to do with my degree - which is why I really wanted this job. It’s opened up a lot of job opportunities and research ideas that I never would have thought about.”

Sarah Ernst
Major: Marine Science
“I joined the marine lab because it gives me experience in my major. It also helped me discover I chose the right major. What I like best about working for the Coastal Watershed Institute is that it is more fun than the common retail job, I have a cool job.”

Sarah Larsen
Major: Marine Science
“By joining the marine lab, I am able to gain valuable research, lab work, and field experience. My research interests lie in climate change science specifically the implications of climate change on marine ecosystems. What I like best about working for the Coastal Watershed Institute is the opportunity to explore the marine environments of SW Florida under expert guidance and outstanding leadership.”

Bonnie Getter
Major: Environmental Studies
“Through work with the marine lab, I gained hands on experience that will benefit me in my career. The internship is unique work that cannot be gained in a classroom. With this job I was able to focus on my interest in marine ecosystems.”

Amanda Torres
Major: Environmental Studies
“When I came to FGCU last year I switched majors from history to environmental studies. I knew I wanted to do something in that field but I wasn't sure what exactly. Since becoming part of the marine lab I know I want to work in a lab setting because the work we do is very hands-on. I enjoy going out in the field and experiencing a work day under the sun. I am interested in research concerning the health and condition of our local waters.”

Liza Rollins
Major: Marine Science
“I joined the Coastal Watershed Institute to learn about lab and field techniques and it is a wonderful experience. What I really like about working in the Coastal Watershed Institute is there is always something new and exciting to learn about. After graduation I would like to continue research in the related fields locally in Fort Myers.”

Arianne Paul
Major: Environmental Studies
“When I started as an intern in the marine lab I only knew that I wanted to gain experience in the field and not much else. With the help of this incredible internship, I feel I have found my true calling. I love being in the lab and getting dirty in the field. This is definitely what I want to do for the rest of my life.”

 Former CWI Interns 

Graduated FGCU 2008-2009
Travis Brindise, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘08
Andrew Curran, B.A. Marine Science '09
Brooke Denkert, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘08
Brain DeSanti, B.A. Marine Science ‘08
Mark Hartman, B.A. Marine Science ‘08
Brian Hoye, M.S. Environmental Science ‘08
Rheannon Ketover, B.A. Marine Science ‘08
Holly Kline, B.A. Marine Science ‘08
Rachel Minor, B.A. Marine Science ’08
Vicki Ohm, B.A. Marine Science '09
Kendra Smith, B.A. Marine Science ‘08
Rachel Sommer, B.A. Marine Science ‘08
Sharon Valenta, B.A. Biology ‘08

Graduated FGCU 2006-2007
Marcia Berry, B.A. Marine Science ‘07
Lindsey Garvin, B.A. Environmental Science ‘07
Jason Hahner, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘07
Brad Kolhoff, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘07
Raymond Leary, B.A. Marine Science ‘06
Chrsti Linardich, B.A. Marine Science ‘06
Melissa McConell, B.A. Biology ‘06
Anthony Myers, B.A. Marine Science ‘07
Christina Panko, M.S. Environmental Science ‘07
Kimberly Regan, B.A. Marine Science ’07
Miranda Westphal, B.A. Marine Science ‘07
Noel Wingers, B.A. Marine Science ‘06
Mallory Young, B.A. Marine Science ‘07

Graduated FGCU 2004-2005
Gerald Berry, B.A. Biology ‘04
William Bluhm, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘05
Amanda Booth, B.A. Marine Science ‘04
Susan Cone, B.A. Marine Science ‘04
Kamila Diddle, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘04
Christian Ercolani, B.A. Marine Science ‘05
Andrew Erickson, B.A. Marine Science ‘05
Alicia Kruse, B.A. Environmental Studies, ‘04
Laura Markley, B.A. Biology ’05
Stephanie Martin, B.A. Environmental Studies ’05
Tim Schwan, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘05
Lacey Smith, B.A. Marine Science ‘04
Abby Walthier, B.A. Marine Science ‘05

Graduated FGCU 2002-2003
Sherith Bankston, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘03
Gayle Boyle, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘02
Mike Chichester, B.A. Earth Systems Science ‘03
Erin Dykes, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘02
Julie Farineau, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘03
Rashel Grindberg, B.A. Biology ‘02
Matthew Hooper, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘02
Jenny McManus, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘02
Jessica Neal, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘02
Holly Peters, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘02
Angelina Ruttan, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘03
Jay Standiford, B.A. Environmental Studies ’02

Graduated FGCU 2000-2001
Matt Benolkin, B.A. Environmental  Studies ‘01
Sarah Hammermeister, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘00
Emily Lindland, B.A. Biology ‘01
Craig Thompson, B.A. Environmental Studies ‘00

Visiting Interns
Ashley Ainslee, Summer Intern, Kansas
Aurelie Counil, ENSAT, Toulouse, France
Cyrile Doumenq, ENSAT, Toulouse, France
Meagan Dunphy-Daly, FIU, Miami, FL
Nicolas Encausse, ENSAT, Toulouse, France
Brian Hoye, Cornell College, Iowa
Cecile Jauzein, ENSAT, Toulouse, France
Cedric Loret, ENSAT, Toulouse, France
Sandra Morel, ENSAT, Toulouse, France
Cecile Perret, ENSAT, Toulouse, France
Jerome Piana, ENSAT, Toulouse, France
Audrey Valls, University of Rennes, France


Were are they now?

See what some of our past interns are up to now and how their internship at CWI influenced their career paths.


Coastal Watershed Institute Internship