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FGCU Outdoors

FGCU Outdoors

Program Options


We offer a wide range of programs from two to nine hours long, with a variety of options that can be combined to create your ideal program. Programs can be entirely ground based, strictly high course, or a combination of the two.

Our Eagle Challenge Course staff will work directly with you to customize a challenge course session that best suits the needs of your group.  Keep in mind that while we will do our best to accommodate the needs of your group, some combinations may not be compatible.  After you have reviewed the program options, please make a reservation request

Icebreakers, Portables and Initiatives
These are our introductory ground based activities that include (but are not limited to): name games, warm ups, energizers, and some problem solving based activities. These are included in all program types.
Low Elements
No heights involved! Focuses on presenting the group with problem solving scenarios on any of our eight elements in order to work on their selected goals.  
High Elements
Any of the 8 elements located on our Alpine Towers Odyssey III course, situated at 25 or 40 feet in the air, with dual ziplines situated at the close of the top level. Serves as both a group and individual challenge. 
Stand Alone High Elements
As an additional component to ECC programs, we offer three stand-alone high elements: the Giant Swing By Choice, the Leap of Faith, and the Flying Squirrel. Each of these events offers unique, challenging and fun experiences.

Nervous? All of our program types operate on the concept of “Challenge by Choice” meaning that participants will be able to choose their own level of challenge. Our staff are aware that each person’s challenge is different, and are respectful of this.

Not sure what is best for your group?  Simply fill out our reservation request form with the dates you are interested in, select the box that says “I'm not exactly sure what program is best for my group.”, and our staff will be in contact within 2-3 days to figure out what type of program is right.


Non-FGCU organizations, please visit the Eagle Traveling Challenges page for your options.