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FGCU Outdoors

FGCU Outdoors

Eagle Challenge Course



5820 Buckingham Road, Fort Myers, 33905

The Eagle Challenge Course is located at the Buckingham Center roughly 18 miles north of main campus. Set amongst 10 acres of green fields and pockets of pine uplands and oak hammocks, the Eagle Challenge Course is the perfect outdoor experiential learning laboratory for you and your group.

We offer a variety of programs to best meet your group’s needs and goals. Programs can be customized by duration, program types, and expectations, with our staff selecting the best possible combination of activities for your group to achieve its desired outcomes. The Eagle Challenge Course allows groups the opportunity to:

Build Trust
Create a Community
Develop Effective Communication
Enhance Self Esteem
Build Leadership Skills
Enhance Problem Solving Skills
Promote Physical Fitness
Encourage Adventure, Healthy Risk Taking
Encourage taking on Personal Challenges

And much more!