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Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs

Visit our team directory for a list of current clubs and contact info.  

FGCU Sport Clubs 

Home of the 2016, 2012 ACHA DII NATIONAL CHAMPION Hockey Club

Home of the 2014 NCWA DII NATIONAL CHAMPION Wrestling Club

Home of the 2013 NCPA NATIONAL CHAMPION Paintball Club



What is a Registered Sport Club? A Registered Sport Club (RSC) is formed by a group of FGCU students motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a specific sport activity.  Sport Clubs combine the team elements of varsity athletics, and the recreational atmosphere of intramural sports.  Some clubs are highly competitive, while other clubs are more instructional.  The nature of the Sport Club is primarily dependent on the student officers that run it.  If you are looking to start a new club, please visit our resources page.

Sport Club Program Values

Accountability | Teamwork | Communication | Independence | Health



Sport Clubs Staff
Sarah DiStefano, Coordinator
Katherine Page, Intern