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Sport Clubs

Sport Clubs

Team Directory

Looking to join a sport club? 
We currently have 26 different sport clubs you see below. To get in contact with the club(s) you're interested in, fill out our Sport Club Interest Form here so we can send you more information.   
 List of Sport Clubs


 What is a Registered Sport Club?
A Registered Sport Club (RSC) is formed by a group of FGCU students motivated by a common interest and desire to participate in a specific sport activity.  Sport Clubs combine the team elements of varsity athletics, and the recreational atmosphere of intramural sports.  Some clubs are highly competitive, while other clubs are more instructional.  The nature of the Sport Club is primarily dependent on the student officers that run it.

Who is in charge?
Sport Clubs are unique because all of the organizational duties are performed by student leaders which consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and sometimes more positions.  The teams prepare their own budgets, schedule their own practices, and hire their own coaches.

Why should I join?
Sport Clubs provided FGCU students a chance to compete and represent their University across the state and country.  In addition to being part of a team, Sport Clubs offer opportunities for students to learn fundamentals in organization, budget planning, leadership, as well as other management skills if they choose to take on an officer position. 

Can't find your sport?
If you cannot find the sport that interests you, consider starting a new sport club, or check to see if they are a Registered Student Organization.  All Sport Clubs begin as RSOs, so be sure to check out the clubs on the EagleLink website, as well as the "how to guide" on the Sport Club resources page.