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Campus Reservations

Campus Reservations

ADA Accommodations


As described in the American’s with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, disabilities include learning, speech, visual, auditory, mobility impairments and other disabilities as determined by individual need. FGCU maintains accessibility and compliance with ADA codes throughout its campus. All users must comply with the following:

  • Ingress/Egress
    Florida Gulf Coast University will enforce safe and reasonable ingress and egress to all facilities on campus. Campus Reservations reserves the right to determine accessibility to facilities. In order to ensure this safe passage, tables, chairs and other items are prohibited from being set up under covered walkways or other areas that may pose a hazard. Lobby areas will be restricted to a limited number of information/registration tables determined by Campus Reservations in conjunction with the Office of Environmental Health & Safety and the Office of Adaptive Services. University representatives reserve the right to require removal of any items found non-compliant.
  • Latex Balloons
    Latex allergies are becoming increasingly present amongst our community and FGCU strives to make our campus friendly and accessible to all. In order to help FGCU stay consistent with its mission to embrace diversity and be mindful that individuals with disabilities may be participating in programs and services offered on campus, latex balloons are prohibited.
  • Accommodations
    Attendees needing reasonable accommodations due to a disability should contact the event organizer.  The event organizer may request advice regarding accommodations from the Office of Adaptive Services or the Office of Equity and Diversity.