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Campus Reservations

Campus Reservations

Course Related Events


How to reserve space on main campus for a Course-Related Event:
1. Start by checking availability on our Webviewer

  • Here you can check in real-time to see if and when a space is available. You can even view a photo of many of our indoor spaces by clicking on the location name. For a video tutorial showing how to affectively use the Webiewer to find space, click here.
2.  Next, fill out the University Course Related Activity Form.
  • This form must be completed by the student, signed by the professor and turned in to Campus Reservations before we can process your request for reserving space on campus as part of a class project, or to make a table reservation for a course-related activity, (An email from the professor to Campus Reservation approving the request will also suffice in the event that a physical signature on the form is not possible.)
  • The purpose of this form is to verify that the student is currently enrolled in the course as well as to verify that the activity is approved by both the Office of Campus Reservations and the course professor. 

3. Once the form has been completed and the professor has signed the form, the primary student contact and any other individuals may visit Campus Reservations to have their event approved and reserve space. Space will not be reserved prior to receiving the professor's approval.