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Campus Reservations

Campus Reservations

Indoor Multi-Purpose Spaces



Cohen Center
In addition to the large multi-purpose spaces listed below, the 

Cohen Center also offers smaller multi-purpose spaces and conference rooms.
CC Ballroom CC 214 CC 213 CC 247

CC Ballroom
Max. Capacity 500
4,750sq. ft.

Fogg Lakeview Suite
CC 214
Max. Capacity 100
1,530 sq. ft.

CC 213
Max. Capacity 48
1,512 sq. ft.

CC 247
Max. Capacity 155
1,582 sq. ft.


Sugden Resort & Hospitality Management Building
SRHM 114 SRHM 115

SRHM 114
Max. Capacity 144
2,167 sq. ft.

SRHM 115
Max. Capacity 73
1,117 sq. ft.

For information on other indoor multi-purpose spaces not on main campus, please contact the appropriate area:

Alico Arena  |  Campus Rec  | Housing