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Campus Reservations

Campus Reservations

Regulations, Policies and Guidelines



Prior approval must be obtained in order to serve alcoholic beverages at organized and properly scheduled programs or activities held on University premises.  Any person, group or organization seeking permission to serve alcoholic beverages on University premises or at University functions shall file the Application for Serving Alcohol with the Campus Reservations Office.  The sale of alcohol at events, i.e. cash bars, should be arranged and contracted through the University's current Food Service vendor. Please refer to the Use of Alcoholic Beverages on University Premises: FGCU-PR9.002 and Alcohol Policy: FGCU Policy 4.002.

Animals at Events on Campus
Animals are permitted at events on campus with documentation of proper health certifications, handling guidelines and approval from an appropriate Vice President. The Application for Animals on Campus and the associated guidelines may also be obtained in the Campus Reservations Office. Animals found to be in violation of this policy will be required to be removed and future ability to reserve facilities on the University Campus may be revoked. This process is not to be used for animals used in research, service animals or animals in residential housing.  Please refer to the Animal Control Regulation: FGCU-PR9.003 and Domestic Animals on University Property: FGCU Policy 2.016.

Contract Requirements
The University requires all outside entities involved in events on campus to sign a Facilities Use Agreement, which outlines in detail financial arrangements, cancellation policies, and state-mandated policies and regulations. Any arrangements made with the University are not binding until the Facilities Use Agreement is signed by an authorized representative of your group and countersigned by Florida Gulf Coast University.

Custodial Responsibilities
All groups and organizations are required to return the room to its original condition before departing. The space should be free and clear of all trash and debris, and all decorative materials removed. If the Campus Reservations staff and/or custodial staff remove decorations and/or provide additional cleaning, a charge for cleaning will result (see Special Services Fees).

FOR OUTSIDE ORGANIZATIONS: Campus Reservations will determine if an event will require additionally contracted custodial services. If Campus Reservations deems that additional custodial services are required, Campus Reservations will contract said services at the sponsoring organization’s expense. 

Damage and Loss
All individuals using University facilities are expected to take reasonable steps to ensure proper care of the buildings and equipment. Accidental damage, repair, and replacement costs are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Intentional misuse, vandalism, defacing and/or destruction of University facilities, and/or equipment will result in the organizations loss of facility use privileges and may result in proper legal action that may include replacement costs.

Property of Florida Gulf Coast University (i.e. furniture, paintings, sculptures, displays, flags, etc.) may not be moved or removed from the facility without prior approval from Campus Reservations.

Campus Reservations must approve the location of decorations, banners and/or signs. Existing signage cannot be covered or otherwise obstructed. Decorations, signs, banners, etc. cannot be nailed, tacked, stapled, taped or otherwise fastened to ceilings, walls, doors, windows, painted surfaces, columns or directional signs of campus. All decorations must be flame retardant.

  • Decorations and displays that require flame, sand, or water may be used only when furnished by the current University food vendor and/or approved in advance by Campus Reservations.
  • Glitter, confetti, latex balloons and/or water filled items are prohibited.
  • Decorations that might pose a fire hazard are prohibited.
  • Extension cords will not be used to provide power unless approved by Campus Reservations.
  • All decorations and materials must be removed by the sponsoring organization immediately following the event. Failure to do so will result in the items being discarded and additional custodial charges.
  • The client will be billed for any damage to surfaces and/or any cleaning requirements as a result of decorations.

Distributing Information or Soliciting Sales
Please refer to the Solicitation on Campus Regulation: FGCU-PR9.006 and Postings and Solicitation on Campus: FGCU Policy 4.007 for  an overview of how to communicate your ideas on the FGCU campus.  For additional information, please contact Campus Reservations at 239-590-1090.

Any outside organization distributing information or soliciting sales on FGCU campus require an Business Information Application.

Only registered student organizations and/or FGCU departments may request permission to set up donation sites for items such as canned goods, clothing, etc. on University Property. All donations/collection boxes must be coordinated through the Office of Student Involvement.

Equipment Usage
Equipment (audio-visual, tables, chairs, easels, flags, etc.) will be placed in reserved spaces at the request of the individual or group reserving the space. Equipment will remain in the reserved space for the duration of the event and shall not be removed or transported from University property.

Equipment Rental
ALL event rental equipment, i.e. tents, chairs, tables, linens, foliage, staged, lighting, etc, MUST be coordinated through Campus Reservations. Should rented equipment arrive to any University facility that has not been coordinated through Campus Reservations, Campus Reservations reserves the right to turn the item(s) away. Equipment that is rented and not removed IMMEDIATELY following the event will result in additional charges for the removal of the said equipment. Unauthorized rental equipment can result in scheduling privileges being revoked.

Evacuation Procedures
In the case of an evacuation, individuals are to comply with the facility manager or University Police representative at all times. Facility users will be notified of an emergency or threat to safety by alarm, the building staff or University Police. If necessary, the facilities will be evacuated in a calm and orderly fashion. In case of evacuation, all persons are to remain outside the building until they are instructed to return by the building staff or University Police. Use the stairs, not the elevator, in evacuation circumstances.

Event Security
Campus Reservations and/or the University Police Department shall solely determine and control security arrangements, including but not limited to, the type and number of security personnel and placement of that personnel. Campus Reservations and the University Police Department reserve the right to require police and/or security personnel at events at the expense of the sponsoring organization.

Food Service/Catering

Food may only be sold on campus by the authorized University food service contractor. Any other foodservice provider is prohibited from selling food on FGCU property. Donations in exchange for food are considered sales and are not permitted.
Food service is allowed on campus when:

  1. Food is provided by the University Food Service Contractor: Groups utilizing the authorized University food service contractor should inform their Campus Reservations Event Planner of this arrangement. No additional steps are necessary. Chartwells holds the current foodservice contract.
  2. Food is provided by an Outside Caterer or Food Service Provider: Groups utilizing an external caterer or food service provider must ensure that all food is prepared and served by the licensed caterer or food service establishment. An Application to Distribute Information, Solicit Sales, or Cater on campus must be completed and returned to Campus Reservations or the appropriate University facility use custodian at least 14 days in advance of your event.
    • The Caterer or food service establishment must provide their:
        1. Department of Business Regulation license number and
        2. Department of Revenue tax ID number
        3. If necessary, the local business tax receipt is acceptable.
  3. Food is purchased Off Campus: Groups that choose to purchase food that is not provided by a catering service for their event must purchase food that is prepared and packaged by a licensed food service establishment. These types of establishments include but are not limited to businesses or restaurants licensed to conduct business in the state of Florida such as Costco, Publix, Moe’s, Carrabbas and other similar entities. Food products must be stored, served and disposed of as outlined by the food service provider.

    Example 1: Costco muffins provided at meetings where the public may have access to the food.
    Example 2: Pan of hot lasagna from a licensed food service establishment. Organizers must ensure that the food is stored, served, and disposed of as outlined by the food service provider.

  4. Food prepared in a non-commercial kitchen such as a home, outdoor grill, or other cooking arrangement is permissible for small private events that are limited to members of a select group. Restricted access to the event is mandatory and the event cannot be open to the general public.

Example 1: Pot luck lunches for members of a designated office is allowed.
Example 2: Food provided at a business meeting or RSO member only meeting is allowed.
Example 3: Cookout for private clubs where the area is restricted to members only by a physical barrier is allowed.

Food service is not allowed on campus when:
Food prepared in a non-commercial kitchen such as a home, outdoor grill, or other cooking arrangement is prohibited to be served at an FGCU event where the public has access.

Example: Fundraisers or events where food is prepared by or at the homes of volunteers and served to the public is prohibited. This includes potlucks and other fundraisers.

The University is currently under an exclusive beverage contract with Coca-Cola. All beverage served at events held on campus much be Coca-Cola products.
Beverages being consumed in private offices are not affected by this contract.

All FGCU events that serve food must comply with the Florida Administrative Code (FAC) 64E-11, 61C-4.016, 61C-1 and all applicable regulations. 

Fog/Hazer Machines
Due to the fire suppression systems in University facilities, Fog/Hazer machines, and other like devices are prohibited.

Free Speech
It is the intent of the University to encourage a free discourse of ideas while maintaining the safe and normal operations of campus life and education. 

An event that requires the use of University resources including, but not limited to, sound amplification, reservable spaces, and security must go through the normal scheduling and coordination process outlined under "Reserve a Space". For more information, please contact Campus Reservations at 239-590-1090. Please also refer to the Public Expression and Assembly Regulation: FGCU-PR9.004 and Postings and Solicitation on Campus: FGCU Policy 4.007 

Gambling, in any form, is not permitted in University facilities or on University grounds.

Hallways and Stairwells
In compliance with fire and safety codes, hallways and stairwells must be free and clear of unauthorized items. An unauthorized item is defined as anything that is not a permanent fixture. Easels, display boards, or other items are not to be stored in hallways and stairwells.

Insurance will always be required of outside organization participating in events at Florida Gulf Coast University, regardless of being sponsored by a University entity.

The USER shall, at its sole cost and expense, carry and maintain comprehensive general liability insurance, insuring against liability for bodily and personal injury to or wrongful death of persons, or damage or loss of property occurring in or about the premises arising out of USER’s use or occupancy thereof, in an amount not less than:

  • $1,000,000      Bodily Injury
  • $1,000,000      Personal Injury Liability
  • $1,000,000      Property Damage Liability

USER shall provide FGCU with proof of insurance in the aforementioned limits no less than fourteen (14) calendar days prior to the use of the Facility.  Such proof may be in the form of a Certificate of Insurance, which must be provided for all policies of insurance and renewals thereof in a form(s) acceptable to FGCU and shall name the State of Florida, FGCU BOT and its officers, agents and employees as additional insureds.

Where applicable, and unless exempt, USER shall carry Workers’ Compensation insurance in the statutory limits, as required by Florida law.

FGCU shall be notified in writing of any reduction, cancellation or substantial change in the policy or policies at least thirty (30) days prior to the effective date of said action.

Special Event Insurance information is provided by the Department of Environmental Health & Safety.

Latex Balloons
Latex allergies are becoming increasingly present amongst our community and FGCU strives to make our campus friendly and accessible to all. In order to help FGCU stay consistent with its mission to embrace diversity and be mindful that individuals with disabilities may be participating in programs and services offered on campus, latex balloons are prohibited.

Lost and Found
The Cohen Center Information Booth and the University Police Department are the primary lost and found locations on campus.  However, other areas may have their own lost and found.  Items found within the Cohen Center, or turned into the building staff may be claimed with proper identification at the Cohen Center Information Booth, if the items have not been turned over to the University Police.

Medical Emergency
Dial 911 in the event of an emergency.

University Police is to be contacted immediately at (239) 590-1911 in the event an accident or emergency arises. Campus Reservations staff retains the right to call in emergency services as deemed necessary at the expense of the user.

For safety, security, and convenience, University Police and/or facility managers conduct periodic rounds throughout the facilities. They must be able to enter all spaces at any given time. Therefore, doors to an event space must remain unlocked and free of obstruction while the event is in progress.

University Police and/or Campus Reservations are to be notified in the event of emergency and/or made aware of emergency situations as they arise.

All persons using Florida Gulf Coast University facilities are to act responsibly. Individuals who display disruptive, dangerous, or inappropriate behavior will be asked to leave.

Security may be required, at the expense of the event host, for certain events held on campus.

Campus Reservations reserves the right to require the presence of emergency medical services based on the type of event. Campus Reservations will determine the level of service required and hours of operation at the expense of the sponsoring organization.

Florida Gulf Coast University has a vital interest in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for our University Community. To this end, the University has become a smoke-free and tobacco-free campus as of May 2016. Additionally, the University performs an important function by demonstrating and promoting healthy lifestyles through activities such as offering services for the curtailment and cessation of the use of tobacco products. Finally, establishing a smoke free and tobacco free campus will contribute to the University’s efforts to keep clean the grounds and air that support FGCU’s commitment to a sustainable environment.  For more information, please visit the Eagles Care for Clean Air website.

Staff Support for Events
Campus Reservations may require additional staff for large events, to be determined prior to the event. All costs related to this special support are the responsibility of the sponsoring organization. Rates will be determined by Campus Reservations.