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Campus Reservations

Campus Reservations

Student Organizations


Do you qualify as a Registered Student Organization (RSO)?
A Registered Student Organization is defined as a group of at least four currently enrolled FGCU students who unite to promote a common interest.  To see if you are considered a fully active and registered student organization, visit EagleLink.

A student organization must be acknowledged as a Registered Student Organization with the Office of Student Involvement in order to reserve space on campus at no charge.  If the student organization is not an RSO they will be treated as a private organization. Click here for information on reserving space for an Outside Group.

How to reserve space on main campus for a RSO:
1. Start by checking availability on our Webviewer(Remember, RSO’s are required to submit a request no later than 14 days prior to their proposed event date.)

  • Here you can check in real-time to see if and when a space is available. You can even view a photo of many of our indoor spaces by clicking on the location name. For a video tutorial showing how to affectively use the Webiewer to find space, click here.

2. After finding a space and time that is available and will work for your event, send an email to our Room Scheduler at using the format shown in How to Request Space.

 3. All requests are processed in the order they were received. Please allow 1-3 business days for our Room Scheduler to send you a reservation confirmation. Please do not advertise any meetings/events until you receive this confirmation.

Timeline for Submitting a Request for an RSO Event
All RSO event requests must be made at least 14 days prior to the planned event.  Requests that come in with less than 14 days notice will be denied and asked to reschedule to a later date.

It is the RSO's responsibility to submit an Event Planning Form online at at least 14 days prior to the event date.  In addition to the Event Planning Form, the R25 confirmation sent to you from Campus Reservations must also be submitted electronically through EagleLink.

If the Event Planning Form and R25 confirmation have not been submitted prior to the 14 day deadline, the Coordinator for Student Organization Development will notify Campus Reservations that the event has been cancelled. Your event will also be cancelled if the Office of Campus Reservations has not secured all of your event details at least 14 days in advance.  

Common Event Related Fees

  • Afterhours Staffing – For events taking place outside of normal operating hours a $50/hr. fee will be assessed to the reservation.
  • Stage – For events taking place in the Cohen Center Ballroom groups may choose to utilize stage paneling. Panels are 4’x8’.  Configurations using 6 or fewer panels will be charged a fee of $100, for those using 7-12 panels the fee is $150.
  • Follow the link below to find event fees for additional campus support services

Academic & Event Technology Services

Work Management 

FGCU Catering

University Police Department

Event Classification Questions
Your designated Event Planner within the Office of Campus Reservations may be asking you questions so that we can accurately classify your event. For more information, please see Event Classifications.

Helpful Information
For your event to run smoothly, please visit the Policies and Guidelines page to find instructions and forms related to use of alcohol, solicitation, free speech, and other campus policies that may impact your event.  Also visit the Resource Providers page to get information on how to contact campus departments for services such as catering, parking, security, custodial and other event related needs.