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Office of the Bursar

Office of the Bursar

Florida Prepaid College Plan


If you are a beneficiary of a Florida Prepaid College Tuition and/or Dormitory plan the corresponding amount(s) will be posted on your account once the rates have been released for the respective term by Florida Prepaid (FPP); no additional steps are needed on your end. FGCU downloads a file from FPP daily that contains all active plan owners. This file is compared against your enrollment for the current term using your SSN. If there is match we will post the proper billing amount on your account and send an email confirmation to your FGCU Eagle E-mail address. Partial billing is not possible against your FPP monies. You either have to use the full billing amount or opt out for that particular term.  If you decide not to utilize your Florida Prepaid benefits for a particular term you must submit a Non-Usage of Florida Prepaid form on a per tem basis to the Bursar's Office by the respective Tuition & Fee Payment Deadline as noted on the Academic Calendar.

Listed below is a Florida Prepaid Benefit Calculator. This calculator will help you estimate your out-of-pocket Tuition & Fee cost for a set number of credit hours. Please remember that Florida Prepaid will not pay 100% of your Tuition & Fee rate at FGCU. Regardless of the plan(s) that you purchased Campus Fees are not covered, but are included in the FGCU Tuition & Fee per credit hour rate.  Campus Fees will need to be paid out-of-pocket and include the Parking Fee, Transportation Fee and Technology Fee. Also, depending on the plan you purchased Local Fees may not be covered and would need to be covered out-of-pocket as well. For more detailed information please refer to the Rates and Plans Coverage section of our website. Florida Prepaid also has a website that explains All About College and State University Fees that we encourage you to review.