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History (M.A.) 2020-2021 Catalog Year

College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Social Sciences
(239) 590-7196
Program Admission Requirements

See program website at URL listed above.

Progression and Additional Graduation Requirements
  • Students must earn a grade of "B" or better in all graduate-level classes. A grade of B- does not meet this requirement.
  • Pursuant to University guidelines, all course work for the degree must be completed within seven years of admission to the program. Extensions may be approved by the History Graduate Program Leader and the Office of Graduate Studies for extenuating circumstances.
  • No more than 6 credits of HIS 6905 Directed Readings will be permitted. Additional hours may be permitted under exceptional circumstances with the approval of the History Graduate Program Leader.
  • Students may take a maximum of 9 hours of cross-listed (undergraduate and graduate combined) courses.
  • Students who have taken HIS 6971 Master's Thesis while pursuing the Thesis Option, and then change to the Non-Thesis Option may apply up to 6 hours of HIS 6971 to the appropriate Field of Study requirements with the approval of the History Graduate Program Leader.
  • Graduate students may not take undergraduate courses for graduate credit.
  • Graduate students must complete HIS 6004 before they can serve as Teaching Assistants.
  • Students will have a reading knowledge of one foreign language relevant to the field of study before graduating. This knowledge can be demonstrated either by translating passages of academic prose to be assessed by the relevant faculty member outside of the program, or by taking a graduate course for reading comprehension, or otherwise demonstrating fluency. Thesis-track students should work with the Graduate Program Leader to ensure that this requirement is fulfilled prior to enrolling for thesis credits, so that the language skill can also serve as a research tool. Students may substitute a research methods class from outside the program for the foreign language requirement, with the approval of the History Graduate Program Leader. Courses taken to fulfill the foreign language requirement do not count towards the degree.
  • A maximum of 9 graduate semester credit hours of course work may be transferred from regionally accredited institutions, subject to approval of the faculty advisor.
Program Requirements
  1. Professional Practice (3 credits)
    Select one of the following:
    HIS 6004 College-Level Teaching (3)
    HIS 6159 Historiography (3)
    HIS 6937 Academic Writing and Editing (3)

    Additional professional practice courses may be taken to fulfill other program requirements in the appropriate field of study.

  2. Complete one of the following options (thesis or non-thesis).  All courses must be selected in consultation with the faculty advisor.

    1. Thesis Option (33 credits)
      1. Complete 18 credit hours in the thesis field of study, to include 6 credits of HIS 6971 Master's Thesis.
      2. Complete 6 credit hours in the non-thesis field of study.
      3. Complete 9 credits of elective courses at the 5000 level or above.*
      4. Thesis:  Students will, under the supervision of a faculty advisor, complete a thesis in one of the fields of study below.  Students are required to complete and defend the thesis and submit one electronic copy of the completed thesis to ProQuest.  The production and style of these will follow established university guidelines.

    2. Non-Thesis Option (33 credits)
      1. Complete 33 credit hours of courses at the graduate level (5000 and above).* A maximum of 18 credit hours can be selected from any one field of study.
      2. Take and successfully defend a comprehensive exam.

        *A maximum of 9 credits of courses from outside of the History program may be substituted with the approval of the History Graduate Program Leader.

Fields of Study
In consultation with a faculty advisor, students will select appropriate courses from three fields of study: U.S. History; State, Local, and Public History; and World History. The specific courses selected will depend on student interests, career goals, and selection of thesis or non-thesis option. Courses selected for the thesis field will serve as the foundation for development of the thesis.

US History Courses
AMH 6116 American Colonial History (3)
AMH 6139 Revolutionary America (3)
AMH 6155 US 1800-1860 (3)
AMH 6176 Civil War and Reconstruction (3)
AMH 6207 US History since 1929 (3)
AMH 6229 Gilded Age/Progressive Era (3)
AMH 6278 US in the Cold War (3)
AMH 6424 Modern Florida (3)
AMH 6516 American Diplomatic History (3)
AMH 6535 American Immigration History (3)
AMH 6546 American Military History (3)
AMH 6567 Women in American History (3)
AMH 6576 African-Amer Hist to 1865 (3)
AMH 6577 African-Ameri Hist since 1865 (3)
AMH 6915 Research in American History (3)*
AMH 6939 Seminar in American History (3)*
HIS 5930 Special Topics (3)*
HIS 6905 Directed Readings (1-3)
HIS 6966 Comprehensive Exam (3)
HIS 6971 Master's Thesis (1-3)

State, Local and Public History Courses
HIS 5930 Special Topics (3)*
HIS 5941 Internship in History (1-3)
HIS 6067 Public History (3)
HIS 6077 Oral History (3)
HIS 6093 How Societies Remember (3)
HIS 6156 Material Culture (3)
HIS 6905 Directed Readings (1-3)*
HIS 6915 Research Public History (3)
HIS 6939 Seminar in Public History (3)
HIS 6966 Comprehensive Exam (3)
HIS 6971 Master's Thesis (1-3)

World History Courses
AFH 6256 Africa in World History (3)
ASH 6559 Post-Colonial India (3)
ASH 6915 Research Asian History (3)
ASH 6939 Seminar in Asian History (3)
EUH 6126 Readings in Medieval History (3)
EUH 6184 Medieval Ecclesiology and Law (3)
EUH 6249 Themes in Holocaust History (3)
EUH 6517 Tudor and Stuart Britain (3)
EUH 6915 Research European History (3)
EUH 6939 Seminar in European History (3)
HIS 5930 Special Topics (3)*
HIS 6905 Directed Readings (1-3)*
HIS 6966 Comprehensive Exam (3)
HIS 6971 Master's Thesis (1-3)
LAH 6137 Colonial Latin America (3)
LAH 6306 Modern Latin America (3)
LAH 6475 Caribbean History (3)
LAH 6915 Research Lat Am Hist (3)
LAH 6939 Seminar Lat Am Hist (3)
WOH 6201 Environmental History (3)
WOH 6207 Age of Discovery (3)
WOH 6247 The Century of Global Conflict (3)
WOH 6248 U.S. & Vietnam, 1945-Present (3)
WOH 6265 Making of the Global Order (3)
WOH 6915 Research in World History (3)
WOH 6939 Seminar in World History (3)
Other graduate courses with the prefixes AFH, ASH, EUH, LAH, and WOH

*With appropriate topic


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