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Physical Therapy-Transitional (D.P.T.) 2020-2021 Catalog Year

Marieb College of Health & Human Services

(239) 590-7530
Program Admission Requirements

See program website at URL listed above.

Progression and Additional Graduation Requirements
  • Students must follow a Program of Study approved by the student's faculty advisor.
  • Students must receive a grade of "B" ("S" if applicable) or better on all courses within the program curriculum.
  • A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 is required for all required courses as listed above.
  • Apply for graduation per university guidelines and timeline.
  • Satisfy all university and program graduation requirements as outlined in the catalog and the tDPT Student Guidebook.
  • Students entering program with a baccalaureate degree in physical therapy will complete all coursework listed below for a total of 30 credit hours. Transcripts of students entering the program with a master's degree in physical therapy will be evaluated for course equivalency, and students will be provided with an individualized program of study.
Program Requirements

Required Courses (30 credits):

PHT 5016 Prof Writing & Lit. Review (2)
PHT 5353 MDPI: Intro to Pharm & Imaging (2)
PHT 6009 MDPN: Diagnostic Testing (3)
PHT 6507 PDSV: Medical Spanish for PT (1)
PHT 6606 APP PT Critical Inquiry (3)
PHT 6607 APP PT Applied Critical Inquiry (3)
PHT 7070 MDP II: Diagnostic Imaging (3)
PHT 7352 MDP III: Applied Pharm for PT (3)
PHT 7951 Capstone I (2)
PHT 7952 Capstone II (2)
PHT 7500 Wellness and Health Promotion (3)
PHT 7533 Prof Issues of Doc Prof (3)


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