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Engineering (M.S.E.) 2019-2020 Catalog Year

U.A. Whitaker College of Engineering

Department of Environmental and Civil Engineering
Progression and Additional Graduation Requirements
  • Satisfactorily complete the appropriate Plan of Study. A Plan of Study is a set of courses and a thesis or project activity chosen and completed in a sequence that meets the needs and interests of the individual student and the degree requirements and other stipulations of the University and the College of Engineering. Prior to or immediately upon admission to the program, students should discuss their options with the graduate advisor. There is no requirement for master's students to be full time, nor is there an on-campus service requirement. The Plan of Study must be approved by the graduate advisor and the student's supervisory committee no later than the end of the student's first semester in the program, regardless of credits earned. After this time, modifications must be approved by the supervisory committee.
  • Comply with University graduate policies and regulations.
  • Satisfy the University's graduate degree requirements.
  • Earn a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (4.0 scale) for all coursework in the program.
  • Satisfy all degree requirements within seven (7) years from the time of admission to the program.
  • Apply for graduation by the deadline indicated in the University Calendar.
  • Provide two (2) signed, bound copies of the student's thesis or capstone project paper, one to the FGCU library and the other to the Engineering Graduate Program Director.
  • Each student must have a graduate committee composed of a minimum of three (3) individuals with at least one from approved engineering faculty.
Program Requirements
  1. Required Courses (18-21 credits)
    Minimum grade of B in each course
    LAW 5072 Business Law for Engineers and Entrepreneurs (3) [FIU online]
    EGN 5455 Numerical Methods in Engineering (3) [FIU online]
    EGN 6344 Environmental Thermodynamics (3)
    EGN 6457 Research Methods (3)
    EGN 6730 Renewable Sustainable Systems (3)
    EGN 6941 Project (3)  or  EGN 6971 Thesis 1 (3) and EGN 6973 Thesis 2 (3)

  2. Restricted Electives (9-12 credits)*
    The following courses are grouped by area of emphasis.  Minimum grade of B in each course.

    Environmental Engineering
    CWR 6537 Contaminant Transport (3)
    CWR 6637 Surface Water Quality Modeling (3)
    ENV 6027 Bioremediation (3)
    ENV 6516 Advanced Treatment Systems (3)

    Renewable Energy Engineering
    EAS 6302 Direct Energy Conservation (3)
    EEL 6272 Smart Power Grids (3)
    EEL 6285 Sustainable Energy Sources (3)
    ETP 6515 Biofuels (3)

    *Note: Students who elect thesis will take 9 credits; students who elect project will take 12 credits.


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