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Grade Forgiveness 2019-2020 Catalog Year

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Students may repeat a course and exclude a previous course grade from their FGCU grade point average calculations effective fall 2000. Undergraduate degree and non-degree students are eligible by meeting the following:

  • Original grade of C- or lower has been recorded on the academic record.
  • The repeated grade must be higher than the original grade.
  • Only the repeated course grade will be used in the computation of the institutional GPA.
  • The original course was taken at FGCU and the original grade was received fall 2000 or subsequent terms.
  • WF grades are not eligible for grade forgiveness.
  • The repeat course was taken at FGCU subsequent to Fall 2000.
  • The repeat course was taken under the same grading system (A-F or S/U) as the original. S/U graded courses are not permitted to repeat as A-F or vice versa.
  • An application for grade forgiveness should be filed no later than date stated in the Academic Calendar for the semester the student wishes the benefit in their institutional GPA. Students are encouraged to apply for grade forgiveness upon completion of the repeat course.
  • In the case of university error, supporting documentation from the appropriate college must be attached to the form. Errors discovered after the degree is awarded must be reviewed by the College Dean and Academic Affairs for special exception. Otherwise, grade forgiveness will not be applied after a degree or certificate has been awarded.
Additional conditions of the policy:
  • A grand total of two course grades may be forgiven for courses that are repeated. The same course grade may not be forgiven twice.
  • Only 1000-4999 courses are eligible for grade forgiveness.
  • All grades will remain on the academic transcript. The original course will be annotated with E to indicate the course has been repeated and excluded from the GPA calculation.
  • With prior approval of the college dean, a course substitution may be sought under the following conditions:
  • The substitute course is a change in prefix, number, hours, or title, but not a substantive change in context from the original course.
  • The substitute course replaces a course no longer offered by the institution.
  • Individual colleges may have further restrictions; therefore, the student should consult with his/her academic advisor.
  • Students who have received a bachelor’s degree from FGCU cannot apply grade forgiveness to any course taken prior to the awarding of the degree.
  • Students may not use grade forgiveness for any course in which they received an academic dishonesty penalty.

Students should discuss their eligibility for grade forgiveness with their academic advisor. Applications for grade forgiveness can be obtained from academic advisors or from the Office of Records & Registration. Refer to the Academic Calendar for the grade forgiveness deadline date.

If applied grade forgiveness alters GPA and thus affects academic standing, standing will be updated appropriately.  

Grade forgiveness forms are processed at the end of every term.

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