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Student Classifications 2019-2020 Catalog Year

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Undergraduate (freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior) students are classified on the basis of semester hours satisfactorily earned.

Freshman: 0 through 29 semester hours.

Sophomore: 30 through 59 semester hours.

Junior: 60 through 89 semester hours.

Senior: 90 or more semester hours, prior to completing baccalaureate requirements.

Post-baccalaureate: Any student who is enrolled in a course, regardless of course level, who has a baccalaureate degree, is not working toward another baccalaureate degree, and has not been admitted to a graduate program.

Graduate: Any student enrolled in a graduate course (5000-7999 level) who has been admitted to a graduate program.

Audit: Any student registered for any credit course on an audit basis. No credit is received for courses taken on an audit basis. A grade of X will be assigned to audit coursework.