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Class Attendance 2019-2020 Catalog Year

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Regular and punctual attendance and participation are expected. Although students are graded on intellectual effort and performance rather than attendance, absences may lower the student's grade when the instructor deems class attendance and class participation as essential. In those classes where attendance is considered part of the grade, the instructor must inform students at the beginning of the term in the syllabus. Any instructor who informs students in writing about the necessity of class attendance may request the Office of the Registrar to drop a student from the class. The instructor will need to indicate the student's last date of attendance in their request to the Office of the Registrar. A grade of W will be posted to the student's record if the Office of the Registrar is notified prior to the deadline for withdrawal without academic penalty. After that date, the instructor may assign a punitive letter grade for any student who does not abide by attendance requirements. Colleges have the authority to establish college-wide, program-wide, or course-wide policies on attendance in accordance with the above guidelines.

Authorized absence. An authorized absence is an absence due to participation in a university sponsored activity that has been approved in advance by the director and the appropriate student affairs officer. Such an absence permits the student to make up the work missed when practical or to be given special allowance so that he/she is not penalized for the absence.

Excused absence. An excused absence is an absence due to other causes, such as illness, family emergency, death in the family, or religious holiday. A student seeking an excused absence should obtain documentation such as a physician's statement, accident report, or obituary and contact all instructors. If students need assistance in contacting faculty, the Dean of Students Office assists students in facilitating communication with their faculty members or academic leadership but does not provide excused absences on behalf of the faculty.