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Tuition and Fees 2019-2020 Catalog Year

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Tuition & Fees

Students are assessed tuition and fees based on rates and policies established by the State Board of Education, the Florida Legislature, and the University Board of Trustees. Tuition, fees, and the terms and conditions relating to the payment of tuition and fees, including cancellation of classes and requests for refunds, are subject to change without notice.

Students should review their Gulfline account to verify the accuracy of the information and charges. At the time of payment, the student should also review the payment receipt to verify that the payment was correctly posted and to verify the accuracy of any outstanding charges owed or arrangements noted.

Registration fees for course audits are the same as for resident fees. There is no ceiling (maximum) on the amount which a student may be assessed for a single term. Lab fees may be charged on certain courses. Consult the Registration Guidebook to locate the courses that require lab fees and the amount. Fees are subject to change as permitted by law. Additional fees may be added and special purpose fees may be assessed in some instances.

Tuition and Fee Schedule

Tuition is defined as fees assessed to students for enrollment in credit courses at the university. Tuition is assessed according to resident or non-resident student classification and undergraduate or graduate course classification. Undergraduate level courses are numbered 1000 through 4999, and graduate level courses are numbered 5000 and above. For additional information please refer to the Bursar website at