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Appealing Admissions Decisions 2019-2020 Catalog Year

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Applicants denied admissions may appeal the decision to the Admissions Appeals Committee by sending admissions appeals documentation that includes new and compelling information that was not part of their original application. These items must be submitted within 30 days of their denial date.

All items must be submitted in order to be considered for the admissions review process; moreover, the admissions office will review these documents to determine if an applicant’s file will be reviewed by the admissions appeals committee. If selected for the appeals process, the file will be thoroughly reviewed by the committee; however, the likelihood of a denial decision being reversed based on an appeal is very low. Before pursuing this process, applicants should retest and submit significantly higher scores or make plans to transfer to FGCU.

The Committee schedules meetings throughout the fall and spring semesters. Notification of the Committee’s decision will be sent in writing within ten days after the Committee has reviewed the appeal. The Committee is chaired by the Associate Director of Admissions Operations and is comprised of Faculty representatives from each of the five Colleges and a non-voting representative from Adaptive Services.

If students are admitted to the University yet denied admission to a limited access program, an appeal should be made to the specific program appeals committee.

Admission Appeals for Previous Conduct History

Applicants who are denied because of a conduct code issue may appeal; however, the documentation submitted in this situation is forwarded to the Dean of Student Affairs for review and as these types of appeals are not referred to the Admissions Appeals Committee. Applicants must provide any additional information from the courts (if applicable), provide a personal statement including supporting details as to why they are appealing the decision of the committee and a letter of reference from a teacher or counselor. The appeals documents must be submitted to the Office of Student Conduct.