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Lutgert College of Business

Lutgert College of Business

LCOB Directory T - Z

Name Title Phone Office E-mail
Marcia Taylor, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Resort and Hospitality Management (239) 590-7692 Sugden Hall 216
Robert Totterdale, D.Sc. Associate Professor, Information Systems (239) 590-7362 Lutgert Hall 3344
Gina A. Tran, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Marketing (239) 590-7328 Lutgert Hall 3347
Randall Upchurch, Ph.D. Director, Resort and Hospitality Management Program (239) 590-7318 Sugden Hall 206C
Adrian Valencia, Ph.D., CPA Associate Professor of Accounting (239) 590-7344 Lutgert Hall 3348
Stuart Van Auken, Ph.D. Alico Chair in Market Analysis and Development, Eminent Scholar (239) 590-7382 Lutgert Hall 3308
Ara G. Volkan, Ph.D., CPA Eminent Scholar and Moorings Park Chair in Managerial Accounting (239) 590-7380 Lutgert Hall 2302
H. Shelton Weeks Department Chair of Economics & Finance; Lucas Professor of Real Estate (239) 590-7373 Lutgert Hall 3366
Ludmilla G. Wells, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Marketing (239) 590-7363 Lutgert Hall 3300
Kelly Werder Event & Laboratory Manager (239)-745-4295 Sugden Hall 206E
Tracy Wermelskirchen Accountant (239) 745-4405 Lutgert Hall 4306
Christopher Westley, Ph.D. Director of the Regional Economic Research Institute; Professor of Economics (239) 590-7090 Lutgert Hall 3316
Kay Wingert Executive Secretary, Management Department (239) 590-7381 Lutgert Hall 3309
Mary Wisnom, Ph.D. Spa Management Coordinator and Professor, Resort and Hospitality Management (239) 590-7854 Sugden Hall 214
Jesse Wright Economics Instructor (239) 590- Lutgert Hall 3356
Christine Wright-Isak, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Marketing (239) 590-7346 Lutgert Hall 3319
Judy Wynekoop, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Accreditation, LCOB (239) 590-7387 Lutgert Hall 4310
Hulya (Julie) Yazici, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Operations Management (239) 590-7335 Lutgert Hall 3317
Fan Zhao, Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Computer Information Systems (239) 590-7326 Lutgert Hall 3357