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Lutgert College of Business

Lutgert College of Business

Graduation / ETS Major Field Test in Business


Graduation Information

Information regarding Graduation Requirements, the Application to Graduate and the graduation process may be found at the link below.

ETS Major Field Test in Business

As a Lutgert College of Business senior enrolled in GEB 4890 (Business Strategy) this semester, you are required to participate in the ETS Major Field Test for Business. The exam contains 120 multiple-choice questions designed to measure a student's subject knowledge and the ability to apply facts, concepts, theories and analytical methods. Some questions are grouped in sets and based on diagrams, charts and data tables. The questions represent a wide range of difficulty and cover depth and breadth in assessing students' achievement levels.

For further information on the ETS Exam, please see ETS Major Field Tests (a description  of the test, published by ETS).


The ETS Major Field Test is a graduation requirement. All potential graduation candidates must register online at to complete the ETS Exam with the FGCU Testing and Assessment Office.


If you have any questions or need additional assistance,
please call the LCOB Office of Student Affairs at (239) 590-7302