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Lutgert College of Business

Lutgert College of Business

COB Handbook - Book Orders


The faculty selects the text book (s) (in conjunction with the course coordinator of multi-section courses) for their courses and informs the department secretary about the selection decision. The department faculty/secretary enters the information on the bookstore Web site. This will create an e-mail message acknowledging that the order was received by the bookstore. If you complete the order yourself, please be sure to give a copy to your Department Secretary to keep on file.  Faculty must follow FGCU Regulations FGCU-PR3.003 with regard to textbook affordability.


To facilitate the ordering process, the faculty should provide the following information:
Instructor's name
Phone #
Department name
Course number
Course reference number (CRN)
Name of Class
Anticipated Enrollment
Title of the book
Author(s) of the book
If the book is optional or required