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Economics (B.S.)

Economics (B.S.)



The B.S in Economics prepares students for the job market and graduate school by providing broad and deep training in the field of economics itself and by developing one's skills in critical thinking and analysis.

Economics majors develop the aptitude to operate in a wide range of business entities and to succeed in graduate programs in business, social science and law.

Graduates of economics exhibit strong scores in the graduate entrance examinations across the board.

Course work includes both theory and application and is designed to build and develop student assessments of the world through an economics lens.

As a long-standing field in academe, economics has extensive ties to mathematics, statistics, and philosophy as it pertains to economic, social, business and political environments. 

Students trained in economics are particularly strong candidates for jobs in business functions requiring strategic thinking, analytical skills, writing and presentations.

Industries that highly value the undergraduate degree in economics include banking and finance, economic journalism, law, business, government service, and non-university teaching.


Upcoming Events


BB&T Free Enterprise Lecture Series: "Poverty Inc."

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Recent News


January 26, 2018:
Young America’s Foundation luncheon in Naples

Young America’s Foundation luncheon in Naples on January 26th, 2018
David Bossie former campaign manager for Donald Trump and author of the best-selling book “Let Trump be Trump”. The 10 students in the photo attended the luncheon thanks to the generous support of Mr. Bill Spinelli:
Joshua Cordoba, Kirby Richard, Kevin O’Donnell, Rowdy Boling, Samantha Canty,
Ashley DeBoer, Jonathan Dorman, Troy Ellison, Joey Willett, Gwyneth Koerth


November 2017:
Southern Economic Association annual meeting in Tampa

2017 annual meeting of the Southern Economic Association in Tampa in November 2017
(left to right)
Sean Ramrattan, Sam Palmisano, Matthew Roberts, Ashley Deboer,
Kevin McIltrot, Wesley (Wes) Sprecher, Matthew Subbert


Summer 2017:
Fannie Mae Internship

LCOB Economics and Finance students and faculty visited the Miami office of Federal Reserve
Dominique Gaetjens with three other interns that worked in the
Economic and Strategic Research group


Spring 2017:

LCOB Economics and Finance students and faculty
visited the Miami office of Federal Reserve

LCOB Economics and Finance students and faculty visited the Miami office of Federal Reserve
They were accompanied by Mr. Bob Niles who underwrote the trip.
In addition to being provided a VIP tour of the facility,
students learned about Fed operations and career opportunities
within the Federal Reserve system.


December 2016: "Victim of Inflation" article by Dr. Chris Westley published in Business Insider
April 2016: Econ Major Wins Dean's Award at Research Day 2016
April 2016:

Econ Major Honored by The Association of Private Enterprise Education
Petra Besenhard Receives Award at APEE event in Las Vegas

April 2015: Interested in Grad School?
Recommended Math Courses in Preparation for Economics Ph.D.
January 2015: Personal Finance Cheat Sheet:
Economics is on the List of 5 Most Useful College Degrees
September 2014: MoneyBox Blog:
Want to Be Stinking Rich? Major in Economics


April 21, 2014:
LCOB's Department of Real Estate, Economics and Finance hosted Prof. Robert Bish, a distinguished scholar on the economics of local government, for a guest lecture in Prof. Dean Stansel's course on Urban Economics

Professor Bish

He is currently Academic Chair of the Board for the Tulo Centre of Indigenous Economics, which develops university courses in market oriented economic development for Natives in Canada.

Bish earned his Ph.D. in Economics from Indiana University in 1968 and served in departments or schools of economics, public affairs, public administration, and urban studies at the universities of Washington, Southern California, and Maryland before joining the School of Public Administration at the University of Victoria in 1981.

He has been included in Who’s Who in Economics since its very first edition, where selection for inclusion is based on the number of times an economist’s work is cited by other scholars in academic work.

Prof. Bish has consulted with numerous governments in both the U.S. and Canada. He is now retired and lives in Bonita Springs part-time.

 Professor Bish's Bio

Prof. Bish’s talk summarized his work on local government and local governance (including private alternatives like homeowners’ associations). He is Professor Emeritus at the University of Victoria in Canada, where he co-founded the Local Government Institute, and has continued to work and publish with the Institute since his retirement in 1998.


Dominique Gaetjens, with 3 other Fannie Mae Interns from summer of 2017