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Finance (B.S.)

Finance (B.S.)

Curriculum Map


Finance (B.S.) Curriculum Map PDF

Annual Schedule of Courses Offered
(tentative and subject to change)

The annual schedule of courses linked here is not a complete curriculum map, but a listing of key course offerings, scheduled to be repeated on an annual basis. Always check with an adviser prior to registering for any of these courses.

To facilitate coursework planning for our students, the Department of Economics and Finance publishes this Schedule. It lists specific ECO, FIN, and REE courses scheduled to be offered each semester, repeating on an annual basis. For example, the courses offered in Spring 2007 will also be planned for Spring 2008.

The Department will make every attempt to maintain this Schedule, but please note that it is subject to change based on faculty availability and other factors. If you are planning your coursework based on the Schedule, always check with an adviser prior to registering.

The information in the Schedule is current as of October 2010.

View the Annual Schedule PDF (1 page)