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Lutgert College of Business

Lutgert College of Business

COB Handbook - Hiring


The Lutgert College of Business (LCOB) employs part-time (adjunct) faculty in order to broaden the range and number of courses offered in various degree programs. Adjunct faculty are hired to instruct students as ways of extending faculty resources or enhancing available faculty expertise. Adjuncts are hired based on a combination of academic credentials, professional experience and expertise in an area, as well as evidence of potential to effectively teach. Adjuncts, therefore, bring an added dimension to learning experiences in the programs. The LCOB has established the following LCOB Adjunct Faculty Guide in keeping with the University's Part-time Faculty (Adjunct) Guide.

Adjuncts are employees who are hired for a specific semester to provide instruction for a specific course(s). These employees are contracted as faculty and are paid from Other Personal Services (OPS) funds.

The duration of the contract for Adjunct Faculty is one semester. The College is under no obligation to rehire the adjunct faculty, and reserves the right to cancel courses in any semester if enrollment does not meet expectations or if the course needs to be shifted to a full-time faculty in order for the full-time faculty to meet workload requirements.

Each adjunct faculty member should teach no more than 6 credit hours in a given semester, with an absolute maximum of 9 credit hours per semester. Each adjunct faculty member may teach a maximum of 18 credit hours in an academic year (fall, spring, summer).