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Lutgert College of Business

Lutgert College of Business

Internship Roles and Responsibilities



Academic Advisor:

Qualifies the student for the internship experience.

Faculty Internship Supervisor:

Responsible for supervising the academic internship, developing the scope of work to be completed for academic credit, evaluating the final report, and assigning an appropriate grade (S/U).

Organization/Company Internship Supervisor:

Responsible for supervising the student intern, tracking their performance, and then completing a Student Intern Evaluation Form at the conclusion of the internship experience.



Student and Organization Responsibilities


  • The student is responsible for adhering to the policies of the organization/company.

  • The student is responsible for adhering to the proper dress code required by the organization/company.

  • The student is responsible for transportation.

  • The student is responsible for reporting to the organization/company punctually and following all established regulations.

  • The student will not submit for publication any materials relating to the internship experience without prior written approval of the organization/company.

  • The student shall hold all privileged information concerning the operation of the organization/company and/or its customers in strict confidence.

  • All international students who hold the F-1 or J-1 visa should contact the Office of Global Initiatives and International Services to verify eligibility and immigration compliance.
  • At all times, the student must remember that he/she represents Florida Gulf Coast University and its current and future relationships with the organization/company.



  • The organization/company shall provide the student intern a planned, supervised program of career related experiences.

  • The organization/company shall maintain complete records on the student intern's performance and provide a Student Intern Evaluation Form as required by the university at the conclusion of the internship period.

  • The organization/company may request the university to withdraw any student intern from its facilities whose personal characteristics or performance prevent a desirable relationship with the organization/company.

  • The organization/company shall permit the inspection of its facilities, student intern records, and such items pertaining to the internship program by the university or agencies charged with the responsibility for accreditation of the academic programs.

  • The organization/company shall not take commercial advantage of its affiliation with the university by advertising the relationship in commercial media.

  • The organization/company agrees to comply with all Federal and State non-discrimination laws and work cooperatively with the university staff to accommodate student interns who request accommodations due to a disability documented through Florida Gulf Coast University.



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