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Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

What is FGCU-SHRM?

The FGCU Chapter of the Society for Human Resource Management (FGCU-SHRM) provides students interested in the management of employees within business organizations with an opportunity to network and learn from peers and practitioners as a group outside of the classroom. This professional student organization will be useful to anyone who wants to succeed as an employee, desires to be a future business manager, or seeks a career in the field of Human Resource Management. Our student chapter will be sponsored by the local professional chapter – the Human Resource Management Association of Southwest Florida. FGCU-SHRM will be one of over 300 student chapters located in the United States and Puerto Rico who are affiliated with the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), which represents the interests of over 70,000 members throughout the world.

FGCU-SHRM Chapter Objectives:

  • To expand the professional horizons of our members through practical human resource experiences.
  • The establishment of a network of peers and human resource practitioners.
  • The development of valuable leadership and communication skills.

Chapter Activities

  • Presentations by human resource professionals on cutting edge issues and practices.
  • Company tours to see business practicesin operation.
  • Workshops on key HRM topics.
  • Shadow Days with local professionals.
  • Internships
  • Social peer and professional dinners and parties.
  • Resume and interview preparation and critique with practicing professionals.
  • Chapter monthly newsletter
  • Subsidized attendance at SHRM’s state and national conferences.
  • Conducting service projects in the Southwest Florida region.

How to Join

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in human resources and who meets the following eligibility requirements:

  1. A student must be in good standing with the University.
  2. All members must pay their annual dues.
  3. All members must join at least one committee and participate in committee activities.
  4. Members must make a good faith effort to attend at least 75% of meetings.


Bi-monthly meeting dates and times will be determined by the FGCU-SHRM members. In addition, special company tours, parties, workshops, and seminars may be scheduled based on chapter member interest and agreement.

Our Committees

Program - The program committee is responsible for meetings and activities for our chapter. Responsibilities include assessing student topical interests, obtaining guest speakers, making meeting arrangements, and organizing the meeting.

Social - The social committee is responsible for sponsoring and planning all chapter social activities. This committee is responsible for enhancing member social skills and providing opportunities for peer, professional, and faculty interaction.

Membership - This committee is responsible for all affiliation related activities. Duties include attracting and approval of new members and maintaining the membership database.

Publicity - This committee is responsible for the distribution of all communications to chapter members and the University. Their responsibilities include preparing and mailing meeting announcements, posting notices, advertising activities.

Finance - This committee is responsible for all fund raising activities. Responsibilities include organizing fund raising events which provide funds for chapter business and social expenses.

For More Information

Contact the Chapter Advisor:

Dr. Jerry Schoenfeld
Office: Lutgert Hall, Room 3339
Phone: (239) 590-7388

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Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO)

The CEO Club of FGCU is a Student Organization with the purpose of providing a forum for independent minded students who currently own or aspire to own their own business. Our goal is to promote entrepreneurship among students of FGCU by providing networking opportunities, speakers, internships, and a support network for those who have decided to chart their own path in life.

Award for the Best Student Business

The EagleBiz Award is an annual competition which identifies and recognizes entrepreneurial leadership among FGCU students. All FGCU students who currently own a business are welcome to enter; College of Business enrollment is not required.

The EagleBiz award is a cash awarding competition administered by the Collegiate Entrepreneurial Organization (CEO) and is open to all FGCU students who own their own businesses. The competition will consist of one or two rounds. The first round (which will be skipped in the event of three or fewer entries) will be conducted by a panel of three members of the FGCU College of Business faculty judging written summaries of the businesses. The panel will pare the list down to three businesses to compete in the second round. The second round will be judged by a panel of local entrepreneurs and other business professionals who will select the winner. A prize of a predetermined amount will then be awarded to this winner.

To enter fill out the entry form (See Link Below) and provide an essay that addresses the provided outline of your business.

2009 key dates:
Entries will be accepted until Nov. 12
Semifinalists will be notified by Nov. 19

Entries in the first round will be judged based on the document's logic and clarity of demonstrating the sustainability and growth potential of the business. Each judge will rank the entries. The top three will move on to the final round.

Click here for more EagleBiz info

CEO National Organization

The national office of the Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization (CEO) is located at the Institute for Entrepreneurial Studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. CEO hosts an annual conference every fall. In addition, they publish a national newsletter, help with campus chapter development, and issue Best Chapter Awards.

We are working to send CEO Officers to this year's National Conference. It is a very inspiring experience to meet with hundreds of entrepreneurial students from around the country and hear directly from successful entrepreneurs.

visit the National CEO web site

For more information, please contact the CEO faculty advisor:

Dr. Sandra King Kauanui
Phone: (239) 590-7433
Office: Lutgert Hall - Room 3313

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Institute for Entrepreneurship

The Institute for Entrepreneurship links FGCU's academic program in Entrepreneurship to the surrounding community.This linkage provides students with support, encouragement, and practical experience.

visit the IFE website