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PGA Golf Management

PGA Golf Management

Learning Outcomes


Academic Learning Compact

Consistent with its mission and guiding principles, Florida Gulf Coast University is committed to academic excellence and continuous quality improvement, as supported by a sound teaching-learning process. Within this process, students and instructors share responsibility for learning that is a movement from the simple to the complex, the concrete to the abstract, and the dependent to the independent. The Academic Learning Compact (ALC) initiative supports the teaching-learning process by clearly identifying expected core student learning outcomes in the areas of content/discipline knowledge and skills, communication skills, and critical thinking skills; aligning curricula with expectations; and using assessment to guide continuous improvement.
Content/Discipline Knowledge and Skills

Graduates will be able to:

  1. Identify and demonstrate content/discipline, proficiencies and skills relevant to the operational areas of PGA Golf Management
  2. Evaluate information, make decisions and using critical thinking and problem solving skills in the golf industry.
  3. Demonstrate and apply knowledge of pedagogical principles of golf instruction.
  4. Adapt and apply theories presented in golf facility management during a variety of experiential learning environments.

These areas are assessed on the program level using required PGA Knowledge Tests in every
PGM dedicated class, exit interviews of graduates, Work Experience Activities completed while on official, required internship in the following courses: HFT4945 – Internship, HFT1382 – Intro to Golf Management, PEO3124 – Director of Golf Instructional Operations, PEL3125 – PGA Prep 2, HFT3353 – Golf Facilities Operations, HFT4934 – PGM Senior Seminar, HFT3383 – Advanced Golf Merchandising, HFT4381 –Executive Golf Management

Communication Skills

Graduates will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate effective oral communications.
  2. Prepare effective written materials.

Communication skills are assessed using group presentations and written projects in HFT4934- Senior Seminar, PEL3125 – PGA Prep 2, HFT3383 – Advanced Golf Merchandising

Critical Thinking Skills

Graduates will be able to:

  1. Propose solutions to organizational issues in a golf related facility.

Critical thinking skills are assessed in HFT4934- Senior Seminar, PEL3125 – PGA Prep 2, HFT4381 – Golf Executive Management

Additionally, all PGA Golf Management students must complete program with the following learning outcomes:

Graduates will be able to:

  1. Integrate knowledge across the core business areas in golf management.

Critical thinking skills are assessed using PGA Knowledge tests, and Work Experience activities completed in class and on Internship in PEL3125 PGA Prep 2, HFT4945 – Internship, PEO 3124 – Director of Golf Instructional Operations and HFT4381 – Golf Executive Management.

Updated February 2014