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Lutgert College of Business

Lutgert College of Business

COB Handbook - Promotions


Fixed and continuing multi-year appointment, and tenured faculty may request promotion from assistant to associate professor, or from associate to full professor. The period under review will include all previous years at FGCU and any prior credited time at other institutions. Evaluations are conducted based on criteria and standards developed by faculty in each of the academic units. The procedures are outlined in the Faculty Performance Evaluation DocumentPDF  (33 pages - see page 19).

If a faculty member’s request for promotion is not granted, the faculty member may seek a review of procedural due process informally with the faculty member's College Peer Review Committee and formally with the UFF representative. The faculty member is directed to the Faculty Performance Evaluation Document. Denial of promotion does not prejudice in any way subsequent evaluations for successive contract, since the criteria for the two are different.

LCOB Promotion Guidelines

  • Promotion Guidelines for Instructors:
  • Promotion Standards for Advisors
  • Promotion Guidelines for faculty are addressed in the LCOB document: Framework and Standards For Contract Renewal and Promotion PDF