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Resort & Hospitality Management (B.S.)

Resort & Hospitality Management (B.S.)


 Resort & Hospitality Management Program

Resort & Hospitality Management Program at Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University offers a comprehensive Resort & Hospitality Management program. The curriculum, developed by academic and industry leaders, is uniquely focused on the essential knowledge needed to manage the complex operations of multi-million dollar resort and private club properties. Earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Resort & Hospitality Management (RHM) and open doors to highly regarded management careers in the industry.  Concentrations in Event Management, Spa Management and Restaurant and Club Management are offered.

Internship Experience
Internship Experience

The internship and field experiences expose students to a different way of thinking and working and are an important bridge between the classroom experiences and a career in the resort and hospitality management industry.  The program has relationships with over 300 of the area's finest resorts, hotels, private clubs, events, spas, food and beverage, and other industry related contacts.


Southwest Florida is known for its exceptional resort facilities, top rated hotels, high end restaurants, exclusive private clubs, year- round recreational offerings, and a fun-in-the-sun lifestyle. The FGCU campus, located in a park like preserve, is in the middle of it all making it the perfect location for a degree program in hospitality management.

The mission of the Resort & Hospitality Management program is to provide students with core competencies and experiential learning opportunities in preparation for successful management careers and leadership roles in the resort and hospitality industry and to instill values of lifelong learning and community service.

This program offers four options:
  1. the Resort and Hospitality Management (RHM) major with no concentration or
  2. the RHM major with a concentration in Event Management
  3. the RHM major with a concentration in Spa Management
  4. the RHM major with a concentration in Restaurant and Club Management

Visit our Facilitites

Visit our Facilities

Schedule a tour of Herbert J. Sugden Hall, home of the Resort & Hospitality Management program. 

Meet the Resort & Hospitality Management Director, Dr. Randy Upchurch

FGCU Resort and Hospitality Management
FGCU Resort and Hospitality Management Internships
Catering & Special Events
  • Event Management
  • Restaurant and Club Management
  • Spa Management