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Resort & Hospitality Management (B.S.)

Resort & Hospitality Management (B.S.)



As a student in the School of Resort & Hospitality Management, you have many sources to go to for help with your questions.  An Academic Advisor is available for your coursework, program and university requirements, and graduation needs.  An Internship Coordinator is available to help you find opportunities for your required work experiences.  You also have Faculty Advisors available to help with your industry-related questions.

Most questions can be answered by going to and typing key words into the search box on the top left corner of the page (e.g., excess hours).

To find the answers of some frequently asked questions in the RHM major, first select which catalog requirements you need to follow—different catalog years have different requirements (prospective students should select the most recent catalog choice, but please understand that your requirements may be different, depending on when you begin the program in the future).