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Office of Diversity and Community Outreach

Office of Diversity and Community Outreach

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Office of Community Outreach
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Florida Gulf Coast University
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FGCU/Sigma Pi Phi Epsilon Nu Boule' STEM SUMMER ACADEMY


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FGCU/Sigma Pi Phi Epsilon Nu Boule' STEM SUMMER ACADEMY

 "It was fun, educational, and overall a great experience everyone should have."-Jasmin Jaimes
"It was such an opportunity.  The STEM Academy opened my eyes to different kinds of occupations I would never
have considered before."
-Ruth Henry



About The STEM Academy

- The Academy is on the campus of FGCU.

- There is no cost to attend the STEM Academy.

- This is an overnight Academy. Students are housed on campus at FGCU.

-  The camp starts Sunday, June 17th and ends on Friday, June 29th, 2018.  

- All meals are included during the Academy.

- Students must attend schools in Lee and Collier Counties.

- If you are dropping off STEM Applications in person, we are located in the Office of Community Outreach in Modular 3, parking lot 7. You can reach us at (239)590-1258.


Program Highlights

As a result of the dedication and commitment of the STEM Summer Camp the students who participated in the program have benefited as follows:

    • Thirty three percent (33%), and twenty two percent (22%) of the students increased their scores on the math SAT and ACT practice tests, respectively. The 9thgraders performed extremely well as compared to their counterparts.
    • The highest increase (42%) was noticed on the 10th graders for the SAT test and 27% on the 10thgraders for the ACT, respectively.
    • On average, the students scored 20 points on the Actual ACT Practice Test
    • Ninety one percent (91%) strongly agree or agree that their math skills improved due to the Camp. Ninety percent (90%) strongly agree or agree that they were exposed to real-world math and its application.
    • The students build miniature airplanes, competed among groups on flight simulator and miniature airplanes, and presented their final projects in a poster presentation format.
    • Participants learned the importance of college planning in relation to career choices. They were also introduced to opportunities in STEM fields.
    • Ninety five percent (95%) of them reported that they strongly agreed or agreed that that the camp increased their awareness in STEM fields. Also eighty nine percent (89%) strongly agree or agree that they will consider STEM fields as a career path as a result of the Camp.
    • Students learned how to apply math in experiments and research to STEM projects.
    • Students were exposed to real life experience and learned from world class expects.
    • All the camp participants attended field trips at Lily high school aviation program, Marco Island regional airport, Algenol, and FGCU Vester Marine and Environmental Science Research Field Station.
    • 100% (17 students) of the high school seniors who participated in the camp in 2014 (Class of 2015) attended college. Although early, as of July 2016, 93% (23 out of 25 students) of the high school seniors who participated in the camp in 2015 (Class of 2016) attended college. Colleges including Florida Gulf Coast University, University of Florida, University of Central Florida, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, SUNY Stony Brook, John Hopkins University, Purdue University, and University of Alabama.
    • As of July 2016, out of the high school seniors who participated in the camp in 2014 and 2015 thirty three percent (33%) of them attended Universities in the Florida University System and forty percent (40%) of them are enrolled at Florida Gulf Coast University.

    The program was well received by faculty and administrators at FGCU, working STEM professional in the area, and various organizations whose mission are to make a difference on this group of students. The highlights of the program were featured in the local ABC-7 News and News-Press Business. Lessons learned from this year will be used to improve the program for next year. Plan is on the way to add additional components to embellish the program for the future.



Academy Mission

Our mission is to improve our students' future outlook by increasing their exposure to opportunities in STEM careers, and improving their math skills.

Academy Objectives

  • Improve students' skills in mathematics,
  • Expose students to real-world math and its application in related career fields;
  • Increase the students' awareness of STEM fields;
  • Expose students to processes that will increase their likelihood of being accepted into college;
  • Expose students to practicing professionals in STEM fields;
  • Create internship opportunities for academy participants.


  • Research shows that fewer students, particularly miniority and low-income students, enter and persist in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs in the United States than in other programs.  A major stumbling block has been low math scores.
  • To address this concern, Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) in partnership with the Collier County National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is seeking funding for a two-week on-campus STEM Program.  In Southwest Florida, miniority and low-income students lack an awareness of STEM as a viable career option.

Program Overview

We successfully completed our first STEM summer academy held June 8-20, 2014.  In order to achieve the objectives presented above, a committee of individuals from various backgrounds including academia, business and community outreach was formed.  We designed a curriculum emphasizing math education, practical applications in math and hands-on STEM related projects.  We also provided exposure to professionals in STEM related careers.

The program was extremely well received by the faculty and adminstration at FGCU, STEM professionals associated with the program and various organizations dedicated to making a difference in the education of our students.


2016 S.T.E.M. Video : Click Link Below

Click this link to read ABC-7 cover of the STEM academy internship to Algenol.

Click here to watch a 5 minute video highlighting the academy.