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Step 4 - Service Learning Forms

Service-Learning Agreement and Verification Form - After choosing a service-learning placement, you will reach an agreement with an agency representative or an event coordinator about the type of service you will perform and the learning outcomes you expect to achieve.  You use an Agreement and Verification form to document to verify that you have successfully completed your service-learning experience.  Turn in the original to us and retain a copy until graduation.

Normally, one Agreement and Verification form is used for each service-learning placement, not for each time a student goes to the site. The exception to this rule is when the service starts as a course requirement and continues the next semester as an independent service-learning activity. In this instance, complete one form for the course and a second form for the continuing hours.

The deadline to complete service-learning hours and submit paperwork to document the hours is about five weeks before Commencement each semester, however, to avoid the aggravation of being flagged during grad check, hours should be documented the semester before graduation. It is a good practice to verify hours on Gulfline. You may also visit the Office of Service-Learning, so if there are any problems, they can be resolved.

Remember, EaglesConnect staff must approve student-developed placements before the service activity begins.

Service-Learning Timesheets – Students may want to track their hours. These are for student and supervisor convenience only and do not need to be returned with the Agreement and Verification form.


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