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Lucky Parrot Sanctuary

County: Collier
Categories Environment

Lucky Parrot provides sanctuary for homeless, abused, neglected, or otherwise unwanted parrots.

Although it is not commonly known, domestic parrots are often released into the wild by owners who no longer want them. Many species have established colonies around the state and compete with native species for food and habitat. Here in Ft Myers, for example, we have colonies of Quaker Parrots.

Also,many people buy parrots without understanding the maintenance and attention they require; and "Get rid of them" Lucky Parrot provides a permanent home and a "flock" for the unwanted to be a part of.

We currently house forty five parrots, including Macaws, African Greys, Amazons, and Conures, that live in large outdoor aviaries.

Job Description: Most of the work is out of doors.
Assisting with facility maintenance, One could also assist in fundraising efforts, graphic design, creating promotional materials, as needed, there is some construction, landscaping.

Times of Work: Weekdays daytime, Weekends daytime
Primary Contact: Ms. Ethel Buchbinder
2121 17th St SW
Naples, FL 34117
Phone: (239) 348-1991
Secondary Contact: Amy Towne
Phone: (239) 590-7376
Worker's Comp for Volunteers?: N
Benefits Offered: We welcome weekend student hours.
We will feed you lunch if you stay an entire day.
Snacks, and drinks are also provided.
Additional Information: Weather permitting, You can receive ten service hours, including travel time, in a single day, either by coming to one of our service learning days, or by calling Ethel (239)-348-1991 and arranging a time to come out on your own.
Lunch and drinks are provided.

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