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Special Equestrians, Inc.

County: Lee
Categories Environment
Marketing/PR/Event Planning
Legal Services
Special Needs
Sports & Fitness
Adult Care

Join our Special Equestrian team and share the joy! Special Equestrians provides therapeutic riding classes and equine assisted activities to individuals with disabilities. Therapeutic riding provides benefits in the areas of health, education, sports, recreation and leisure. In addition to the therapeutic benefits, horseback riding also provides recreational opportunities for individuals with disabilities to enjoy the outdoors. At Special Equestrians, there are many ways for you to volunteer your time and skills. One of the ways you can help is as a Side Walker (walking beside the rider to help them during the lesson). In addition to Side Walking, we offer training for leading the horses (horse leaders must have adequate horse handling skills), grooming and tacking up the horses or helping maintain the stable area. We also have office work, grounds maintenance, fund raising and special events for those volunteers who do not want to work directly with the horses. Whatever way you choose will be unique and rewarding!

Job Description:

Side Walker - A Side Walker is a volunteer that is stationed beside the rider for the duration of the lesson. This volunteer's responsibility is to the rider. This role offers emotional and sometimes physical support. Certain riders will need direct support to ensure the success of the riding activities. A Side Walker may need to assist in acting out instructions to the rider. This role requires the volunteer to be alert and aware at all times to the needs of both the rider and the instructor.

Horse Leader - A Horse Leader is a volunteer who guides the horse for the duration of the lesson. This volunteer's responsibility is to the horse. This role requires the volunteer to be aware of the surroundings in the ring, the horse's mood, gait and pace. Certain riders will need assistance in controlling their horse while others are learning how to guide their horses with light support and slight intervention from the Horse Leader.

Times of Work: Weekdays daytime, Weekends daytime
Primary Contact: Mrs. Priscilla Kovalsky
5121 Staley Road
Fort Myers, FL 33905
Fax: (239) 226-1279
Phone: (239) 248-4135
Alt Phone: (239) 226-1221
Secondary Contact: Jan Fifer
Phone: (239) 226-1221
Worker's Comp for Volunteers?: N
Benefits Offered:


Additional Information:

FGCU students who volunteer at Special Equestrians are eligible to join the FGCU Equestrian Team as well as FGCU Special Equestrians.

Please wear closed toed shoes and neat comfortable clothing. Also do not wear dangling jewelry as it maybe unsafe to wear with some of the participants. Please do not wear heavy perfume or cologne since it may attract bees and other biting insect and some of our participants maybe allergic or sensitive to certain fragrances.

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