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We are happy to offer faculty members the opportunity to pre-select approved service-learning sites for their service-learning courses. The process is quick and your courses with associated approved agencies will remain on your personal list until you remove them. Image of Login screen

  1. To get started follow the Manage Your Service-learning courses link. You will be asked to log in. Type in your username which will be FGCU_PRIMARY\your email name. Enter your email password and click “OK.” (see example at right).
    1. The first time you log in, you will be asked to provide your first and last name. If you wish your name to appear as Dr. David Daniels, please include Dr. as part of your first name. If you wish your name to appear as Dr. Daniels, please use Dr. as your first name.
  2. You will now be on a page that will allow you to add a new course, edit an existing course, and clone an existing course.
    1. When you add a new course, enter your CRN using the numbers only, select the year you will be teaching the course from the pull down menu.  Next add the course name, and finally select the agencies that your students will be using by checking the boxes in front of the agencies’ names. If you want to know about the agency point at it and a box with information appears, or click on it and you will go to full listing in our database. After you have selected the agencies, click the 'Add New Course' button at the bottom of the list. 
    2. You can edit the agencies selected previously by using the edit function. If you edit the CRN, the original course will be deleted from the list. Instead use the clone function in the next step.
    3. When you teach your course in a new semester, you can clone it to carry all the associated information forward and only change the CRN
    4. Your courses will remain on your personal list year after year unless you remove them. We prefer having the courses on your list so that we can see when course have be taught and who has done the teaching.
  3. Your students will access the course/agency information through the navigation bar under the student section by CRN and/or course name. 
  4. We hope this service is useful for you and your students. If you have suggestions, please contact Lisa Paige at or at X-7015.

Manage your Service-learning courses.