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Service-Learning FAQ

[ open ]
1) How do I find service-learning opportunities:

Visit our database of 300+ approved agencies in the five-county area, like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, check out page 2 of Eagle News every week, or come see us in the Service-Learning Offices (Library 4th floor, 458 Suites)

[ open ]
2) What is meant by "approved" agency?

Approved agencies on the service-learning database are registered nonprofit 501(c)3 or government organizations.

[ open ]
3) What is NOT service-learning?

  Please Read this comprehensive breakdown of what IS and what is NOT considered service-learning.

[ open ]
4) The agency I want to serve at is not listed on the database. How do i get it approved?

If your service is not being done in conjunction with a course and the service site is not in the database, contact the Office of Service-Learning before the service begins in order to have the agency vetted and approved.

[ open ]
5) How do I document service-learning hours and where do I find the form?

Here are the instructions for our new PAPERLESS system on Eagle CareerLink 

[ open ]
6) Do I fill out the Eagle CareerLink service-learning form before or after I complete my service?

Either is okay, but it is preferable to complete the form prior to service.

[ open ]
7) Do I need to fill out an Eagle CareerLink profile before submitting service-learning hours?

Only as a first-time user of this system.

[ open ]
8) Should I save copies of my Eagle CareerLink forms?

We encourage students to always save copies for their own records.

[ open ]
9) I still have paper service-learning agreement and verification forms. May I still submit them?

We are no longer accepting hardcopy paper forms, the deadline was May 10, 2017.  If you still have completed and signed paper forms that have never been turned in, you may bring it/them to our offices and we will instruct you in transferring them onto the Eagle CareerLink paperless system.  

[ open ]
10) How do I track my service-learning hours?

Your service hours recorded on the paper forms used in the previous system, can be found on your unofficial transcript page, just above your GPA.

Hours earned and recorded via Eagle CareerLink can be found on your profile.

[ open ]
11) How will my hours be processed in Eagle CareerLink?

Once the end-date of service is reached, the Eagle CareerLink system will automatically email the agency a request for approval of your hours by the end of that week.  Emails will continue to be sent each Friday until the agency responds.  If your hours aren't verified a month after completion, please get in touch with your agency representative.

[ open ]
12) I'm graduating this semester and still have paper service-learning forms, what should I do?

Please read these FAQs for Graduating Seniors

[ open ]
13) There are bazillions of companies on Eagle CareerLink. How do I know which are approved for service-learning?

Make sure the agency you choose is a registered non-profit or government agency.  If you do not find your agency listed on the Service-Learning Database, please contact or call (239) 590-7015/7019 for confirmation BEFORE pursuing service at your chosen site.

[ open ]
14) How many service-learning hours do I need to complete for graduation:

The requirement is 80 hours for students entering FGCU as freshmen and sophomores, and 40 hours for students entering as juniors and seniors with 60 or more transferable credit hours.  Transfer students please check with your advisors to be sure.  

[ open ]
15) Training is required before I can begin serving. Can I count those hours?

After you have completed an equal number of service hours you may count those training hours as part of your total number of hours of service.  If you do not complete the hours of service, then those training hours are forfeited.

[ open ]
16) Can I use volunteer hours done prior to enrolling at FGCU?

No.  Only hours served after the date of your admittance to FGCU may be used, provided service follows the appropriate criteria.

[ open ]
17) Is there any other information about service-learning that I should know?

Please read our "Serving Safely Guidelines" for additional information.

FAQs have been UPDATED as of February 14, 2017!

These are exciting times and we hope you are as thrilled as we are to finally be going PAPERLESS.

Please be patient with us as we continue to update our FAQs as well as the rest of the Service-Learning website.  

If you have questions, please feel free to email