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Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

Camp Insurance


How to Acquire Camp Insurance

General overview

Camp insurance is available to University departments having day or overnight sport and educational camps.

This camp insurance is a supplemental insurance program offered through state contract insurance vendor Insurance For Students, Inc. Insurance Agency.  It is designed for participants in sport and educational camps in need of insurance coverage for injuries and/or illness sustained during the camp - on or off campus. Campus Insurance Procedures and Plan Options


Camp Administrator has the primary responsibility of applying and paying for coverage as well as contacting the Assistant Director of EHS within 24 hours of accident or illness. Camp Administrator must ensure that medical release forms are complete. Camp Administrator must immediately notify EHS of updates to camp roster.

Environmental Health and Safety has the primary responsibility of offering this supplemental insurance for sport and educational camps held by Florida Gulf Coast University.

Purchasing procedures for obtaining coverage for camps


Review plan options and submit completed on-line application and first draft of roster. These documents will be stored in the EHS server.  We ask that you submit your camp's application and roster,at least, seven business days before the camp start date.

Please note: your invoice will be based upon your estimated number of participants, if the number of participants increases, please let us know immediately.   

Ensure medical release forms are complete and signed by parent or legal guardian of camper. Medical release forms are to be kept secure by the coach, faculty, or staff person that is responsible for camp.

Your invoice will be e-mail to you by the insurance company, so please pay invoice upon receipt. For FGCU Procurement and Accounts Payable purposes, the University ID No. is 814913030.

Purchasing either recommended insurance plan listed below will cover participants 100% for camp related injuries, other than policy-excluded items.

Primary with sickness- Plan C

$0.33 for day or overnight camps
$0.58 for sport camps

Excess with sickness - Plan D

$0.20 for day or overnight camps
$0.34 for sport camps

For more information - contact:

Willie Baca
Assistant Director, EHS – Risk Management and Insurance
239-590-1126239-590-1126 Office
239-590-1033 Fax