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Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

Safety & Risk Management Training


Fire Extinguisher Training

Every year EH&S and San Carlos Fire Department offer fire extinguisher training in order to comply with the Florida Fire Prevention Code.

Fire extinguishers are located at noticeable areas in every building at FGCU, with the exception of some sheds. In some buildings fire extinguishers are in locked extinguisher cabinets that require the user to pull handle firmly (don't worry about damaging the hardware, it's easily replaceable).

  • Fire extinguishers are physically inspected monthly by an EHS inspector.
  • Fire extinguishers are maintained and recharged annually by a certified vendor.
  • Fire extinguisher training is offered every year during December. The training is available to staff, students, and faculty. The training is free and takes approximately one hour to complete (depending on attendance). Training includes a video on fire extinguishers, and extinguishing a live fire outside. Faculty, please contact us at 590-1126 or 590-1414, if interested in fire extinguisher training for your class.

Next training session will be on December 19, 2016 at Cohen Center room 247 for the video portion of training, and the physical portion of extinguishing fire will be held at the Auxiliary Parking Lot.

Note: It's against the law to tamper with or discharge a fire extinguisher in any manner not consistent with its intended use.

Fire Drills

During the month of January, Environmental Health and Safety and University Police conduct fire drills in every campus building.

Per Florida Fire Prevention Code NFPA 1, 10.6.1 and Florida Fire Prevention Code NFPA 101, 4.7.1, Florida Gulf Coast University conducts fire drills annually, during the month of January, in owned and leased buildings at our main campus and off campus locations.

Building occupants must vacate the building in an orderly fashion when the fire alarm signal is given and not return to the building until EH&S or UPD gives the "all-clear" verbal notification to re-enter the building. No prior notification shall be given to any specific building as to a specific date and time.

Click (here) to see the 2017 January schedule.

Thank you for your help in maintaining a safe and healthy environment for us all. If you have any questions or concerns, please call EH&S at 590-1126 or 590-1414.