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Environmental Health and Safety

Environmental Health and Safety

Service Learning Opportunities


service learning opportunities

Events, Arts & Design

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) frequently partners with other departments and offices to support major service opportunities.  The interdepartmental sustainability calendar is the best place to find out about upcoming events and learn how to register.  Please check it regularly to stay up to date!  

We regularly need service learning students to help with the following tasks:

  • Take on leadership positions to plan events and coordinate peers
  • Create educational outreach, games, and tabling activities
  • Design and distribute marketing and promotional materials to publicize events such as flyers, banners, and images and videos for social media
  • Make upcycled crafts and DIY giveaways
  • Volunteers to manage tables or and facilitate logistics and run event activities
  • Writers to cover events and draft press releases

EH&S participates in these events every Fall Semester:

  • Week of Welcome
  • Campus Sustainability Month
    • Green Eagle Festival
    • Green Halloween
    • Food Day

EH&S participates in these events every Spring Semester:

  • Forming Lasting Opportunities for Commuters (FLOC) Week
  • Eagles’ Earth Day

Additional campus resources for sustainability service projects:

  • The FGCU Physical Plant coordinates Tree Campus USA plantings, Eagle's Pride campus cleanups, Reclaimed Paper Parties, and Recycling Reset Fridays. Click here to register for upcoming opportunities.
  • University Colloquium offers trail cleanups every semester. Please email Patty Krupp at to learn more.
  • Student Government often needs service learning leaders to help with events like RecycleMania, the FGCU Farmers Market, and Eagles’ Earth Day. Contact the Student Government Director of Sustainability at to learn more.
  • The FGCU Food Forest offers a number of service learning opportunities throughout the year. Email to request registration links for monthly opportunities. 


Fire and Life Safety

Inspect fire extinguishers, check emergency lights, and help with fire drills. This requires working outdoors.



Geocaching is a real-world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS devices. Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location.

FGCU has several sustainability-themed geocaches hidden around our campus.  Earn service learning hours by maintaining and updating the existing geocaches. This entails checking the caches to ensure they are in the appropriate locations, keeping the logs in order, and monitoring web activity. This project requires a student that can work independently and has access to a smart phone.  The student must also be able to work outdoors, walk on uneven terrain, stoop, and kneel.  Geocaching enthusiast preferred!


Social Media Content Generator

Gain experience with social media management software and planning long-term, strategic social media campaigns that elevate our followers’ awareness and safety and sustainability. Prior experience administering social media accounts is preferred.    


Sustainable Transportation Outreach Ambassador

FGCU has many programs that aim to reduce the amount of single-occupancy car trips to campus. Help promote things like biking, ride sharing, carpooling, car sharing, and taking public transit by encouraging people on campus to take advantage of WheeliZipcarLeeTran, and South Florida Commuter Services

  • Tabling at events throughout the semester
  • Update campus kiosks and distribute educational materials
  • Create videos and media about using sustainable forms of transportation


Sustainability Reporting & and Data Entry